How to Get Free Tickets to "The Steve Harvey Show"

Talk show host Steve Harvey
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"The Steve Harvey Show" is now "STEVE" on Facebook Watch with virtual audiences. The following article provides information on how live studio audiences got tickets during the original iteration of the show.

Do you want to check out "The Steve Harvey Show" and see how it all works behind-the-scenes? The tickets are free if you'd like to sit in the audience, all you have to do is ask and wait.

As with many daytime talk shows, tickets to see a taping of Steve Harvey's show are free. They're given away because they like to fill the audience with fans. The catch is that they often give away more tickets than seats because it's inevitable that people won't show up.

This is good news and bad news. The good part is that even if you don't get tickets, you might be able to get standby tickets on the day of a taping. The bad part is that even if you do have tickets, you're not guaranteed a seat. Be sure to show up early and your chances will improve.

Request Your Tickets to "The Steve Harvey Show"

The process for requesting tickets could not be easier. You'll simply give the show your information and the date you'd like to attend. Then, you wait.

This show is not taped on a regular basis, so you may need to check back in frequently to see when they're taping. If anything is scheduled, it's often only for one or two weeks at a time.

  1. Visit "The Steve Harvey Show’s" official website and navigate your way to the “Get Tickets” link.
  2. You'll find a calendar with highlighted dates. Those are available taping dates. Select one that works best for you. 
  3. Fill out the online form that pops up. It’s pretty straightforward – name, email, phone number, address, requested date, the number of tickets, your guests’ names. and any special needs you might have.
  4. Make sure everyone attending is 18 years old or older.
  5. Make sure you include everyone’s name whom you are bringing with you.
  6. After you have made your request, someone from "The Steve Harvey Show" will contact you to let you know if your request is fulfilled. You’ll receive further instruction at that time as to when to arrive, what to bring, and how to get into the show.

Attending "The Steve Harvey Show"

Remember that your requested date is not guaranteed. The show will do its best to accommodate your request, but it is possible you may receive tickets for a different date.

  • No ticket or got there late? You might be able to go standby on the day of the taping and will need to be at the studio during regular check-in time. Once the ticketed audience has been seated, they will open up any additional seats to standby guests on a first-come, first served basis.
  • In order to get into the studio, you will need to bring a photo ID. These need to be valid and can include a driver's license, state ID, passport, or military ID.
  • You might be on TV, so you need to dress the part. Many shows have dress codes and it's likely you will receive more information with your tickets. In general, a dress is business casual and you should avoid athletic apparel, clothes with logos, and hats. You can be turned away because of your clothes.
  • When entering the studio, you will have to go through security. Don't bring many things with you. This will speed up the security check. Also, you're often required to stash purses or bags under your chair, so be sure to bring only what you need.
  • Check to see if any audio and video recording devices are permitted. Cell phones with cameras might be permitted, but may have to be turned off before entering the studio and stay off during taping.