How to Get Free Gas

Get Fuel By Participating in These Promotions, Incentives and Programs

Gas prices go up and down. When they are up, you see more incentives, promotions, and contests to get free gasoline. It's generally true that the more gas costs, the more ways there are to get it for free. But most of us have a constant need to fuel up, and even when prices are relatively low, it can be a significant, ongoing expense. Check out these ideas for grabbing a free fill up:

Participate in Gas Card Product Offers

You may not notice gas card promotions when the prices are relatively low. At times when gas prices are on the upswing, more and more companies run free gas card promotions. These encourage customers to buy their products by holding out this valuable reward. CVS, for example, has periodically offered a $10 gas card with the purchase of $30 of participating products. If the promotion includes things you'd buy anyway, it's a smart way to snag some free gas. Watch for these deals, and jump on them when you find them.

Tip: Do a web search for "win free gas" to find lots of instant win games and sweepstakes to enter. Your chance of winning a gas card is probably a lot better than you think. But be wary of scams as well. Use proper internet security precautions when you go to these sites.

Take Advantage of Travel Rebates

If you travel to destinations commonly reached by car, you'll discover that your destination may have a free gas offer to lure you in. It's a win-win for the lodging and you. Many Bed and Breakfasts offer free gas cards or gas credits when you book a stay, as do many hotels. Always check the current promotions before you book your stay, so you don't miss out on anything good.

Redeem Your Credit Card Rewards

If you have a credit card that earns rewards, check the program to see if you can claim a free gas card. It may be one of the choices. Whether gas prices are high or low, it's something you will use, not some bauble or gizmo.

Answer Surveys

Many of the survey companies allow you to cash in your points for gas cards. All it takes is a few minutes per survey. Join several and start earning free gas by the gallon:

Cash in Your MyPoints

MyPoints is a rewards program where you earn points by doing web searches, shopping, taking surveys and viewing ads. They have many rewards partners, and at times they include gasoline companies offering gift cards. When these offers are available, you can trade some of your MyPoints earnings in for a free gas card. 

Get Your Car Wrapped

Your car can earn its gas. If you let a promoter wrap your vehicle in advertisements, you may get paid with gas.