How to Get Back Into Skateboarding

A man skateboarding
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Question: How to Get Back Into Skateboarding

How to get back into skateboarding is a common question. One reader wrote in and described how every year or two, he tries, but he just doesn't know how to get back into skateboarding. It never seems to "stick." So what do you do, if you're trying to get back into skateboarding?

Answer: Trying to figure out how to get back into skateboarding can seem more complicated than it needs to be. Just get a skateboard, and go skateboarding, right?

That IS the meat and potatoes of it. Getting back into skateboarding is all about WANTING to. Having the drive to skateboard. And that's not something that someone else can usually teach you - it has more to do with what's going on inside you. So, first, in order to get back into skateboarding, you should just go skate!

But that's not enough for a lot of people. For some people, they WANT to skate, but that just get busy, or lazy, or who knows what else. Well, from my experience, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to enjoy skateboarding. If you're having fun skateboarding than you'll stay with it. That's key. Try not to approach skateboarding like it's the same things as going to the gym (unless you LOVE going to the gym... in that case, yes, that's how you should look at it!). I went through a phase where I just really wanted to get better at skating, so I committed to skating for like 3 hours every day. Before the first week was over, I hated skating. It had become work. And I HATE that heavy feeling of having something that I HAVE to do, just weighing down on me. Then I didn't skate for a week or so, and I just found myself skating again one day. Just for fun. And that's where you really need to live - just skating for fun. If you have dreams of becoming a pro skater, well, if you are having a hard time just sticking with skateboarding then... let's face it, you probably aren't going to go pro. At least not with THAT attitude! HAVE FUN with skateboarding - just go ride, feel free. For me, this is all about skating lonely parking lots late at night. Hearing the clack-clack, click-clack of my skateboard as I ride down a sidewalk. It's all about the quiet, broken by the SLAP of my tail as I do whatever the heck I want. It's all about solitude, and speed.

That's just me, though. What's skateboarding to you? Why are you drawn to it? Feed that need, and enjoy skateboarding.

For some people though, you might love skating and wish you did it more, but for some reason, you just don't find the time. Well, MAKE the time! We all have things that we can slice out of our day. At least most of us do - I know I do! Create the time, and set it aside just for skateboarding. Create "skateable moments." I just made that up, and I think it's pretty clever. What I mean is, carve time out of your day, and have a place to skate in mind, and then SKATE! For some people, there's just no place nearby to skate - well then build something! Get creative, and if you have to drive for fifteen minutes to find a spot, then set that time aside for it. Skating is worth it.

A third thing you can do is get new skate gear. This might seem shallow, and that's because it is! But I gotta tell you, I get pumped when I get a new board. I want to ride it. The same thing happens when I get new skate shoes, or even when I get a new helmet... I just want to go use the stuff. This can get bad, because if it's raining or something I'll use the stuff inside the house, and that can be dangerous! But seriously, sometimes getting new skate gear can pump you up! And who knows - maybe you old board was warped, and that was throwing you off, and making skating less fun? Hmmm? Maybe?

Finally, there are some people out there who want to get back into skating, and they do all of these other things, but something still isn't right. They ask themselves this question, this "How do I get back into skateboarding?", and they just don't get why it's not working. They set aside the time, they got new gear, they're trying to have fun, but they just don't seem to ever actually skate. Well, I hate to say it, but maybe you're more of a fan of skateboarding, than an actual skater. That's not a bad thing - a lot of people love skateboarding, but don't actually skate. It's the same with football, lion taming, or international espionage - some people are fans, some are players in the game, and some are both. If you try and try to find the motivation to skate, and it's just not happening, well maybe you're not a skater.

Now I know that for some people, reading that last paragraph will be just enough to push you back onto your board. Good! Now get out there and SKATE!