How to Find Flattering Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots for Short Women

red leather ankle boots
Red leather ankle boots by Fendi seen during Paris Fashion Week on October 2, 2017 in Paris, France. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Ankle boots--or booties, as we sometimes call them--can present a fashion challenge for us short women because wearing ankle boots has the potential to make us look shorter.

Knowing which features of ankle boots will flatter short women is the key to wearing this trendy style successfully. Flattering features on ankle boots for short women include:

  • a pointed toe
  • a peep-toe
  • a V-shaped vamp
  • a curved line from the back of the ankle to the point of a V-vamp
  • a slender heel
  • a heel height of 3" or higher

How should a short woman style ankle boots?

There are three ways for short women to style ankle boots that will help to create the appearance of a longer leg line or at least not make us look shorter:

  • Wear ankle boots with pants or jeans that have a slight boot cut.
  • Wear ankle boots with skinny jeans tucked inside.
  • Wear dark ankle boots with tights in a matching dark color.