How to Find a Prom Date

Where to look and who to ask to prom!

Who should you ask to prom?
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Prom is coming up, and like many teens, you may want to go with a date. If you don’t already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, your date options are wide open. A crush, a best friend and that cute and semi-mysterious guy or girl who goes to another school are all pretty good candidates. Here are some easy places to look to find a prom date… (that don’t involve any online dating websites!)

Your Crush
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You can honestly use these ideas to ask guys or girls.
The Friend Date
The Date From Another School
The Date From Your Extracurricular Activity
The Summer Fling
Your Sibling’s Friend
An Older Date
A Younger Date

Don’t rule out the teens in the grade or two below you. Maybe you’ve had your eye on the junior who plays on the same varsity team as you or the sophomore who’s in Chorus with you. A younger date is almost always thrilled to go to prom. In fact, I went to prom with a guy who was two years younger than me, and we had the most fun out of everyone there. True story.