How to Find a Prom Date

Where to look and who to ask to prom!

Who should you ask to prom?
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Prom is coming up, and like many teens, you may want to go with a date. If you don’t already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, your date options are wide open. A crush, a best friend and that cute and semi-mysterious guy or girl who goes to another school are all pretty good candidates. Here are some easy places to look to find a prom date… (that don’t involve any online dating websites!)

Your Crush
The obvious choice… but can you work up the nerve to ask them?
First, make sure they’re not going to the dance with anyone else. Then, start flirting with them. Compliment their outfit, find an excuse to talk to them about an assignment or sit next to them during a baseball game or lunch. Once you feel comfortable enough around your crush, pop the question.
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The Friend Date
You already know you get along, and you pretty much hang out every weekend anyway. Prom with your friend will guarantee a good time. If you just-so-happen to have a crush on your friend, prom would be a great way to find out if you two are romantically compatible.

The Date From Another School
Your prom date doesn’t have to attend the same school as you. Maybe a guy in your neighborhood goes to a private school in the next town over. Perhaps that girl you always see at your music lessons would be interested in going.
If you’re just not into any of the guys or girls at your school, start thinking about other teens you know in town.

How to Flirt

The Date From Your Extracurricular Activity
Do you spend your afternoons playing regional soccer, drawing or playing music at an art school in town or sweating in a karate studio?
Your prom date could be in your after-school activity mix. If you’ve never hung out with them outside of your extracurricular, don’t be afraid. You already know you have one thing in common!

The Summer Fling
Prom time is the perfect time to rekindle last summer’s romance. Consider that camp counselor you worked (and flirted) with, your fellow pool lifeguard that made hours of watching the kiddie pool worthwhile or that cute guy or girl you were stuck inside with for your summer job. If you happened to share a brief summer kiss, awesome. If you kind of wanted to but never did, prom could be your second chance.

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Your Sibling’s Friend
They’re over your house all the time… usually in your brother or sister’s room blasting music or eating every snack in the kitchen. You have a pretty good time joking back and forth… but could there be more between you two? Find out by asking them to prom.

An Older Date
Maybe you’re a little too mature for the teens in your grade. Perhaps there’s an older guy or girl you’ve had your eye on for awhile, but you were never quite sure how to approach them. Prom could be the perfect excuse to ask them out. Bonus: they may have already been to prom, so they’ll be able to show you the ropes.

Conversation Starters for Dating A Younger Date
Don’t rule out the teens in the grade or two below you. Maybe you’ve had your eye on the junior who plays on the same varsity team as you or the sophomore who’s in Chorus with you. A younger date is almost always thrilled to go to prom. In fact, I went to prom with a guy who was two years younger than me, and we had the most fun out of everyone there. True story.