How-To Duct Tape Dress: Easy Duct Tape Prom Dress Tutorial

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Use a Sewing Pattern to Make a Duct Tape Prom Dress

How To Duct Tape Dress
How To Duct Tape Dress. Rain Blanken

A duct tape dress is not only a quirky way to show up for the prom, it's also a chance at a college scholarship. Duck Brand Duct Tape runs an annual contest for crafty couples who construct their own formal attire out of the company's tape.

To help your chances, I suggest using a pattern and cutting pieces to build your dress. I'll show you what pattern to use and methods for making it all stick together.

  • What You'll Need
  • New Look pattern #6699
  • Six rolls of duct tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors [recommended scissors]

Once you have gathered your materials, let's get started.

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Duct Tape Prom Dress: Use New Look Pattern #6699

How To Duct Tape Dress
This pattern is easy and offers lots of choices. Rain Blanken

For this dress, I am suggesting the New Look pattern #6699. It costs about $6.00, and you can find it at any local fabric store or Wal-Mart.

This pattern isn't just for one dress, but for three different bodice types, two types of waists, and two types of skirts. You can mix and match these pieces as you like, as well as choose what kind of straps and embellishments you want. It even includes patterns for a rose, sash and ribbon belt.

I'm loving this pattern because you have so many possibilities to build your own dress. Make it as simple or as complicated as you like, and remember to save this pattern when you are done because you can get so many dresses out of it.

Next, we will take measurements and choose your dress.

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Take Measurements and Choose Your Dress

How To Duct Tape Dress
Pick the elements that will build your dress. Rain Blanken

Take your measurements as directed on the pattern. The pattern requires just a few measurements.

This diagram is included with the pattern to help you decide which pieces to put together. Cut the pattern pieces as directed, making sure that you have all the pieces needed to make your dress.

Once you have your pattern pieces, we can make the duct tape fabric.

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Make a Sheet of Duct Tape

How To Duct Tape Dress
Make duct tape fabric by overlapping pieces and backing with plastic wrap or cloth. Rain Blanken

To use your pattern, you'll need some 'fabric'. To make a sheet of duct tape fabric, simply overlap long pieces as follows.

First, lay a long piece of duct tape sticky-side up on the floor. To make the process easier, use strips that are just long enough for one of your pattern pieces. Next, cut an equally long piece and lay it on top of the first, overlapping one inch. Continue to overlap pieces until you have a sheet large enough to cut one of your pattern pieces.

To cover the sticky side, you can use either plastic wrap or thin fabric. Plastic wrap is a cheap and easy solution, but it won't do you any favors to soak up sweat while you are wearing your dress. Lightweight fabric can be bought for as little as a couple bucks for a yard, and is more comfortable to wear long into the night.

Carefully lay your backing material over the sticky duct tape and smooth it out. Wrinkles in the backing are not ideal, but they won't cause too much trouble.

Next, we will cut the pattern.

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Cut Your Pattern Pieces

How To Duct Tape Dress
Cut your pieces as the pattern instructions indicate. Rain Blanken

When you are laying out your pattern pieces, pay attention to the instructions on the pattern. You may need to fold over your sheet of duct tape to cut bodice or skirt pieces.

Also, when you are cutting, be sure to pay attention to the direction of the duct tape. As in the photo above, the cut pieces will have either horizontal or vertical lines on them.

Next, we will learn how to join the seams.

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How to Join the Seams on a Duct Tape Dress

How To Duct Tape Dress
To make seams, peel away a little of the backing and stick. Seal with a strip of tape on each side. Rain Blanken

When you are ready to put your pieces together, loosely follow the pattern to see what order in which the pieces should go together. The good part about dealing with duct tape is that you can cut through your mistakes and tape it back together again.

For seams, peel back 5/8" of the backing that you applied in the first step. Overlap the pieces to stick them together, then layer the seam with a piece of duct tape on the front. Fold the duct tape over at the edges of the garment that will show, like the top of the bodice. Cut the tape where you are going to be joining another piece, like at the bottom of the bodice.

Next, let's see how to deal with gathering and hemming your dress.

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Gathering and Finishing up your Duct Tape Dress

How To Duct Tape Dress
Gatherin and hemming can be done easily by hand. Rain Blanken

While you are making your dress, you will come across a few instructions in the pattern that call for gathering and hemming.

To gather your duct tape fabric, simply scrunch it with your fingers, then wrap a 1/2" strip of tape around the edges to hold it in place. Position it on another pattern piece as directed by the instructions, then secure with more tape.

To hem your duct tape fabric, remove a couple inches of backing from the edge and carefully fold the edges in.

Also, you may need to fold strips of tape around the top edges of the bodice to cover any raw edges. Get creative with you dress as you finish up.

The Zipper
You have the option of taping in a zipper, but you can also use stick-on velcro instead to close up the back.


  • Use our free stencils with a different color of duct tape to add character to your dress.
  • Try adding stripes along the skirt with white or black duct tape.
  • Layer alternating colors of duct tape before cutting your pattern.
  • Check out these finished duct tape dresses for some inspiration.

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