How to Dress for Your Apple Body Type

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The apple is one of the more challenging body types to dress, but also one of the easiest when you're camouflaging trouble spots. You're blessed with slim arms and legs, which can be used to your advantage. When you focus on the positive, you can look pounds lighter and more shapely. Here are our best tips for dressing your apple-shaped figure. 

What Is An Apple Body Type?

How can you tell if you are an apple body type? The main difference between apple-shaped figures and other body types, like pears, is that your upper body—your bust and shoulders—are about the same size as your waist and hips. Other signs of an apple body type:

  • You may have full breasts and a wide back.
  • Your arms could be slim, while your shoulders could be wide.
  • You could have slim hips and a trim backside.
  • You gain weight at the midsection.

The Best Tops for an Apple Body Type

Look for shirts and tops that are loose around the middle rather than skin tight. Body-con tops draw attention to your midsection and can look unflattering. Some popular top styles include:

  • Tunic Tops - Try out a floaty tee such as a tunic style top. It will skim around the waist.
  • Empire Waist Tops - Try an empire waist shirt that begins under the bust to draw attention away from the stomach.
  • Extra Long Tops - Wear shirts that extend lower than your waist to reduce the chance of "muffin top" escaping from where your shirt meets your bottoms. If you like your hips to look a little more in balance with your bust, try a shirt that meets the largest point of the hips.
  • Low Necklines - If you love to show off your curves, choose a shirt with a slightly lower neckline to keep the eyes moving upwards. Pair that with a statement necklace for maximum effect.
  • Light Layers - Wear a menswear-inspired vest over a sleeveless tank to draw attention to your arms and camouflage your tummy.

The Best Bottoms for an Apple Body Type

When shopping for jeans and pants, look for styles that will help to create a balanced silhouette. Avoid slim-cut styles like skinny jeans which can make you look top heavy.

  • Wide-Legged Trousers - Pants that flare out at the bottom will create a more even look between your upper and lower halves. Boot-cut, flared, and bell-bottom pants are all smart choices.
  • Wide-Legged Capris -  Slim fit capris can look tight, even if they are the right size. Wide-legged cropped pants balance your silhouette and help to flaunt your slim ankles.

The Best Skirt for an Apple Body Type

Dresses can be difficult to shop for, but finding a top to pair with a flattering skirt can be a breeze. Skip mini-skirts which may draw attention to your larger upper half. 

  • Full Skirts - Choose a skirt with a full silhouette. Your slightly top-heavy appearance can be reduced significantly, and your shape will look more balanced
  • Higher Waistlines - Skirts with a higher waistline, such as one that reaches the natural waist, will disguise a larger stomach and hide any strain or tightness across the midsection.​

The Best Shoes for an Apple Body Type

Find a pair of shoes that continue the long lines of your legs. You may want to try a strappy sandal with a sexy heel.

  • Kitten Heels - Wear kitten heels for comfort if you have smaller calves. These heels are easier on your feet, so you can wear them all day without trouble.
  • Wedges - Embrace chunkier style shoes like wedges. Wearing a slightly heavier shoe can help to anchor and balance your top half.

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