How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero

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How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero

How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero
How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero. Shawn Encarnacion

It's an age old question: would you rather have the super power of flight or invisibility? Personally, I'd go with invisibility, but I can't teach a very long lesson about how to draw invisible super heroes. Thus, here we will teach you how to draw a flying caped hero soaring through the skies.

Drawing comic book super heroes is always a lot of fun, but sometimes it's fun to draw heroes who are cartoony looking as well. That's the direction we're going in today.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero’s Basic Body Shape

Let's start by drawing that red line you see running through the picture. That's our line of action and its going to help us build the character with the right flow. Because of the funny perspective, we need to draw a sort of kidney-bean shape for his body. We will draw a circle for his head and a then draw the chin. Lastly, we'll draw the curved triangle at the bottom to make his waist.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero’s Arms

We'll draw each arm in four parts: Shoulder, upper and lower arm and hand. Notice how I have drawn the parts overlapping each other on his right side. Draw each shoulder overlapping the edges of the bean shape. Take your time when you draw the fingers and hand. Draw the hand very large to show it coming toward the viewer. If you notice, it is nearly the same size as the bean shape we drew for the body.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero’s Legs

We'll draw each leg in three parts. You can draw the feet as right triangles and then round off the edges. It's important to draw the legs small to show them off into the distance. Still be sure to draw some big curves in his calves to show his powerful muscles.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero’s Face

Unless he is the Hulk or the Thing, or some other freaky monster hero, chances are your hero will be good looking. We'll draw our hero with classic good looks. Follow the lines drawn through his face to balance his facial features. Draw his eyes big and expressive to give him that cartoony vibe. Draw a mask, and change my mask design if you like.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Super Hero’s Cape and Costume

Capes react to gravity. When you draw any clothing, the folds are going to react to two things: gravity and a body part pulling it up or a squeezing them together. Since most of his clothes are skin tight, they won't react much to gravity. The cape, though, must be drawn like the force of his flight is dragging it through the air and against the force of gravity.

At this stage in our lesson, break away and be creative on your own if you would like to. You can skip the cape and mask, or you can draw crazier combinations. Have fun designing your own character over this one.

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Color In Your Super Hero

Congratulations! You have finished drawing the super hero. Choose any colors you like as you fill him in. Perhaps you would like to change his ethnicity by changing his hair or skin color, or his hairstyle too. Have fun drawing your character and know that there are no wrong answers. Please see below where you can upload your own drawings based on this character. I would love to see what you come up with.

Thanks for drawing with me!