How to Create the Perfect Spa Day at Home

No money. No worries. DIY.

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Pamper Yourself Without Leaving Home

It isn't always convenient or affordable to spend a day at the spa even when you desperately need pampering and relaxation.  If it isn't in the cards for you to spend the day at a spa turn your home into a spa instead.  Even without leaving your house you can have a wonderful spa day and feel refreshed from head to toe.  Keep reading to find out how.

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Set The Stage

If you start to think of your home as a spa, even for a few hours, you will have an easier time relaxing.  Clean up any messes, wash the dishes in the kitchen sink, and be sure to light a candle or two.  If you relax better when it is dark, pull the shades and dim the lights.  

Play spa music. Just type spa music into YouTube, and you'll find plenty of selections. Hearing soothing music will put you in the right mood for your DIY spa day.

Make yourself a cup of tea or if you prefer something cool instead of hot try sipping water infused with lemon and cucumbers.  If you are feeling very indulgent pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine.

Consider starting the day with a little meditation.  Not only will you be in a different head space than normal (in a good way), meditation is also great for your skin.  When you meditate you reduce stress which helps your skin.  Start your DIY spa day off right with 5 minutes of meditation and your day will be on the right track.  

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Pamper In The Shower or Bath

For so many people relaxing in a warm bath or steamy shower is one of their favorite types of indulgence. Make the most of that time. Be sure to enhance your bath water with essential oils like lavender or bath oil for extra hydration and relaxation. 

This is a great time to exfoliate your body from head to toe. You can easily make your own body scrub with items you have on hand in your kitchen. Or if you prefer you can buy a great scrub to use from your chest down. 

This is also the right time to apply a moisturizing mask to your hair. Wrap your hair in a shower cap so that the mask can really penetrate and soften your hair. Don't have a hair mask on hand? Use coconut oil. Coconut oil is a fabulous hair moisturizer and a little bit goes a long way.

Once you are done relaxing in the shower or the bath be sure to moisturize your body from head to toe. Don't let more than 10 minutes pass from the time you get out of the shower until you moisturize. The quicker you moisturize the better your skin will hold on to that hydration, and your skin will look and feel smooth and silky.

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Mask Away

One of the quickest and easiest ways to treat your skin is with a facial mask.  There is a facial mask for every skin type from the oiliest of skin to the driest.  Be sure to keep the mask on your face for between 10 to 20 minutes for the best results.  

While you can whip up a mask in your blender from foods you have in your fridge like strawberries, yogurt, and honey you can also apply a sheet mask with much less fuss and mess.  Sheet masks come individually wrapped and can cost almost nothing.  Everything your skin needs in contained in the mask pouch.  Your skin will feel smooth and soft after using a facial mask.  For best results from your mask be sure to gently exfoliate your face before.  This way the active ingredients in the mask can penetrate better.

Don't limit masking just to your face!  You can mask your neck and chest or even your hands if you want.  Think about which part of your body could use some TLC and go for it.

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Don't Forget Your Feet

While you are relaxing with your mask on your face (or another part of your body) consider soaking your feet. Our feet take a lot of abuse during the day. Start off by soaking your feet in warm water with a little soak and hydrating oils. Add flowers like rose petals to the water if you like. Then massage your feet with a rich moisturizer. You can even put on moisturizing socks that smooth and hydrate. Scrubbing your feet before applying the moisturizing socks or hydrating cream can enhance the hydrating effects of the moisturizer.