How to Deal With Difficult Bosses

Use These Ideas to Know How to Deal With Your Difficult Boss

Nothing is more destructive in the workplace than difficult bosses. Every employee has a series of bosses over their working career. Hopefully, most of your bosses are competent, kind, and even, worthy of your trust and respect.

This is the type of boss that employees love. A boss who selects a proper management style for each workplace situation and a boss who understands the difference between Theory X and Theory Y management styles.

Unfortunately, too often, employees have difficult bosses who impact their ​desire to engage and contribute to work. It is no surprise that employees who quit their job are most frequently leaving their bosses, not necessarily the company or their job.

As the single most disruptive or contributing relationship in the workplace, getting along with the boss is critical for employee retention. Find out more about how to deal with difficult bosses. Someday, you may find yourself reporting to a very difficult and maybe even a downright bad boss. Here's how you can best deal with this trying situation.

Bad to the Bone: Dealing With a Bad Boss or Bad Managers

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You're weary. You're frustrated. You're unhappy. You're demotivated. Your interaction with your boss leaves you cold. He's a bully, intrusive, controlling, picky and petty. He takes credit for your work, never provides positive feedback and misses each meeting he schedules with you.

He's a bad boss, he's bad to the bone. Dealing with a less than competent manager or just plain bad managers and bad bosses is a challenge too many employees face. These ideas will help you deal with your bad boss.

How to Fire Your Bad Boss

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Is your bad boss more difficult than the average bad boss who is just not very good with recognition and clear direction? Your bad boss, in contrast, is a nasty, demeaning, motivation-destroying, screaming bully. This is the type of bad boss you may want to invest the time to fire.

But, you need to proceed carefully and in an informed manner so that you don't take yourself and your career down in the process. Find out how.

What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?

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Nothing sparks more commentary than asking about what makes managers bad bosses. With the lengthy comments received from readers, some common themes in site visitor responses about bosses are found.

Want to avoid becoming a bad boss? Afraid that you may already be considered a bad boss? Just want to commiserate with other people who have bad bosses?

Are You the Victim of a Bad Boss?

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How many times have you witnessed an employee working in a supervisory position who doesn't have the knowledge or skills needed to do the job? Have you asked why some bosses get the management roles that they do?

Because these issues exist in the workplace, It is predictable that at least once in your work life, you will do your job at the mercy of a bad boss.

How to Tick Off Your Boss

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Face it. There are probably things that you do that drive your manager up against a wall. And, as a result, you think of her as a bad boss. You need to identify the actions you take and the things that you do that drive her crazy. Until you do, you won't get along with your boss.

If you want to get back at your boss and destroy your own career possibilities in the process (because even a bad boss is still your boss), try doing these ten things and see how fast you can make your boss angry.

Tips to Help You Get Along With Your Boss

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Face it, whether you want to admit it or not, you're the person who is in charge of your relationship with your boss. No one will ever be as concerned and involved as you—including your boss—that the quality of your relationship helps you achieve your career goals.

Your boss shares a critical interdependence with you since he has information that you need to succeed. But, he also can't do his job or accomplish his goals without your help.

5 Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Your Micromanaging Boss

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Most micro-managing bosses are not bad people–although it may feel that way as they peer over your shoulder and question you at length about everything that you're working on. If you're a smart employee, you'll recognize that it's not usually you who has the problem.

As crazy as it makes you feel, you can manage your micro-managing boss.

6 Tips for Working With a Younger Boss

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We all expect that boss positions are assigned because the employee has years of experience, supervisory and management skills, and the capability to lead other employees. If you believe this, think again. You may one day find yourself working for a boss who is much younger than you and who lacks the expected skills and experience. 

How do you handle working for a boss who is not only much younger than you but may also have a lot less experience on the job?