How to Conduct a Séance


Renee Keith / Vetta / Getty Images

Throughout the Victorian age, parties that featured a séance were all the rage. Hosts would gather people together to contact the dead. In recent years, there has been increased skepticism towards séances. However, a lot of people continue to believe that making contact with the dead is possible.


If you're planning to hold a séance in your own home, you need a few likeminded people and a few vital supplies.

When choosing participants, select people who believe in the possibility of communicating with the dead, skeptics can harm the séance's chances of success. And because the experience can be intense, it is usually best to keep young children out of the circle.

Otherwise, all you need concerning supplies is a round or oval table, candle, and food. Both the candles and food are believed to attract spirits who are looking for warms and sustenance.

How to Hold a Séance

To hold a séance, and increase the chances of contacting a spirit, follow these steps:

  1. Assemble the Participants: Gather the people who will participate. Some say the number of participants must be divisible by three. But this does not seem to be an absolute rule. No fewer than three people should attempt a séance, as it can be emotionally and physically exhausting on a small group.
  2. Choose a Medium: You might want to choose a medium among the participants. This could be a person who has had experience with séances or someone who has displayed that they've got psychic abilities.
  3. Use a Round or Oval Table: This helps create the symbolic circle believed necessary for the ritual. A square or rectangular table would make it more difficult to join hands.
  4. Set the Table: In the center of the table, place some simple and naturally aromatic food, such as bread or soup. This is believed to help attract the spirits who still seek physical nourishment.
  5. Light Candles: Also in the center of the table, place no fewer than three candles (or a number divisible by three) lit candles; the more candles, the better. Spirits still seek warmth and light.
  6. Create Some Atmosphere: Dim the lights and eliminate any distractions. Turn off all music and quite the television.
  7. Join Hands: Seated around the table, the participants must all join hands in a circle.
  8. Summon the Spirit: The participants must speak these words together: "Our beloved [name of spirit], we bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with us, (name of spirit), and move among us."
  9. Wait for a Response: If no response comes, repeat the chant until the spirit responds.
  10. Communicate: If and when the spirit responds--either by rapping, or some other means, or through the medium--ask your questions.
  11. Begin: Ask the spirit, yes and no questions at first. Ask the spirit for one rap to communicate no, and two raps to communicate yes, for example.
  12. Communicate Directly: If a spirit chooses to speak through the medium, you may ask any kind of question.
  13. Maintain Control: If the séance seems to be getting out of hand, end the séance by breaking the circle of hands, extinguishing the candles and turning on the lights.
  14. End the Séance: When you're done with your line of questioning, thank the spirit for joining you and tell them to go in peace. Break the circle of hands and extinguish the candles.

Hosting a séance can be an emotional, yet satisfying experience. When hosting your meeting, proceed with caution and patience to get the best results.