How to Calculate Your Reenlistment Bonus

Find Your SRB for the Army, Air Force,Navy, Marines and Coast Guard

How to Calculate Your Reenlistment Bonus

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Many service members are offered a monetary bonus to reenlist. The amount of the bonus is determined by several factors and varies by service. The amounts are periodically modified, as often as quarterly, as are the methods of determining your bonus. Factors generally include the length of active military duty, MOS or specialty and rank. Additional bonuses may be given to personnel in needed specialties. Usually, there is an overall cap on the total number of enlistment bonuses you can receive during your career.

Army Reenlistment Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB)

Announcements are made quarterly in MILPER messages that announce changes in the SRB program. You should read the current message to find the retention incentive being offered. The numbering system for the messages begins with the year, such as MILPER 18-006 in 2018. Accessing the current message is the best way to determine your reenlistment bonus.

Bonuses will vary by Primary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), Skill Qualification Identifier (SQI), Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) or language code (if any). They are also determined by rank (PFC, SPC, SGT, SSG, SFC). All of these factor into which tier of bonus is offered, from Tier 1 to Tier 10. 

The amount is further determined by the length of enlistment extension. This is broken into 12 to 23 months, 24 to 35 months, 36 to 47 months, 48 to 59 months and 60 months or more. The range is from $500 for Tier 1 PFC and SPC enlisting for 12 to 23 months all the way up to $72,000 for a Tier 10 SSG/SFC enlisting for 60 months or more.

Additional amounts may be granted for various skills, such as a $7500 additional bonus for language skills, up to an SRB maximum as established. Soldiers may receive more than one SRB throughout their career, but career maximums are also established.

Navy Selective Reenlistment Bonus

To determine your bonus, visit the current NAVADMIN policy update. Bonuses are based on tier, rating, and NEC/Zone.​​

Air Force Selective Reenlistment Bonus

The SRB for the Air Force is determined by Air Force specialty code, skill level or CEM code, and zone (length of service) for reenlistments of three years or more. Zone A is between 17 months and 6 years of service, Zone B between 6 and 10 years, Zone C between 10 and 14 years, and Zone E between 18 and 20 years. An Air Force SRB calculator is available to logged-in users at myPers.

Marines Selective Reenlistment Bonus

The SRB for the Marines is determined by MOS, rating, and zone. The zones are determined by the length of service. Zone A is 17 months to 6 years of active military service, Zone B is six to 10 years of active military service, Zone C is 10 to 14 years of active military service. The current SRB bulletin (such as MCBUL 7220) can be viewed at

Coast Guard Selected Reserve (SELRES) Bonuses

You may determine your bonus by visiting the current Coast Guard policy update.