Advice on How to Become an Eye Model

Close up photo of an Eye Model for a magazine advertisement.
CoffeeAndMilk / Getty Images

For those looking to enter the world of parts modeling, eye modeling is a popular choice. Eye models can be any height and weight and can book a wide variety of modeling jobs. Your eyes could be photographed for makeup and eye care ads, of course, but also for print campaigns, digital advertisements, marketing material, medical material, and anything else where the client needs beautiful, expressive eyes to help get their message across.

So if you’ve always been told you have amazing or unique eyes, you might have what it takes to become an eye model. But before you set your sights (literally!) on this exciting career, you need to read through these helpful tips.

Commercial Models

Although a career modeling just your eyes is possible, eye models are often commercial models who do a wide range of bookings using their entire body or other specific body parts. In addition to having great eyes, the more versatile you are the more of an asset you will be to your modeling agency and clients. 

Take Care of Your Eyes

When looking for an eye model, agencies and clients want a person with clear, lustrous eyes without visible veins. Genetics play a part in beautiful eyes (clients do prefer when eyes are the same shape and size), but there are also a few things you can do to ensure your eyes remain healthy and bright.

  • Make sure you get enough sleep every night.
  • Don’t over wear your contact lenses. Eyeglasses are an eye model’s best friend!
  • Wear UV-protective sunglasses year-round. Sun and wind can cause dryness and irritation.
  • Eat a healthy diet. The more fresh, nutrient-rich foods you consume, the more sparkly your eyes will be.
  • Stay hydrated. When you don’t drink enough water, your eyes can become puffy, dry, and dull. Don’t forget that caffeine is dehydrating and is a common cause of sore and bloodshot eyes.
  • Limit your screen time. Constantly staring at a smartphone or computer puts unnecessary strain on your eyes and can make them itchy and dry.
  • Have your eyes regularly checked by an optometrist to keep dry eyes, infections, and serious health issues at bay.

Care for Your Skin

Don’t forget that eye modeling isn’t just about the eyes. Successful eye models also need to take good care of their skin! The skin surrounding the eye area should be tight and youthful, and free of dark circles, bags, cuts, bruises, scars, or piercings. Also, your eyebrows should be professionally groomed to make the most of your eye shape.

Practice Your Expressions

A successful eye model has complete control over his or her eyes, eyebrows, and face in general. They should be able to show different expressions through their eyes, such as joy, fear, sadness, etc. To get a good idea of what kinds of emotions you may be asked to convey, study ads that focus on the eyes. Then, mimic their expressions in a mirror until you’ve mastered them!

Use Clear Photos of Your Eyes and Face

When submitting your photos to agents and scouts, make sure your eyes and face are clearly represented. No grainy iPhone snaps, and definitely no retouching. A basic digital camera is usually good enough to capture the detail in your eyes. 

Also, aim for a variety of looks. Vary your expressions and take close-ups of your eyes and your entire face. Take a few photos with no makeup, a few with natural-looking makeup, and a few with dramatic makeup. Please note that men should never wear makeup in their submission photos. 

Get as Much Exposure as Possible

Eye modeling is a niche market, meaning it’s a very small slice of the modeling industry. It’s easier to become an eye model if you can also work as a commercial or fashion model, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Whether you want to jump right into eye modeling or want to explore it while booking other modeling jobs, the key is to be seen by as many modeling agents and scouts as possible.