How to Apply and Remove Fake Nails

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Prep Your Nails

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For this How-to we have chose Kiss Product Broadway Nails. These nails are short and they change color or show a pattern on the nail once they are exposed to sunlight. They are perfect for the beach and outdoor spring and summertime activities.

Once you choose the nails that you want to apply you need to begin by first prepping you nails. To do this, simply take a cotton ball soaked with a nail polish remover, such as Cutex Quick and Gentle Nail Polish Removerand gently clean your nail beds.

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Choosing the Nail Size

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After your nails have been prepped, it is time to open the box of nails and pick the sized for each of your nails. The Kiss Broadway brand has convenient tabs at the top of each nail to help you apply them without sticking your fingers together, but they also have a number on each nail so it's easier to match-up for each hand. We also liked the Kiss Broadway brand because they give you 24 nails and 12 sizes per box, so there will definitely be a size for you fingers.

I would suggest that you lay out the nails in front of you, in the order they need to be placed in order to make the application process easier.
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Get to Gluing

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Once you have your nails selected, open the glue container that comes with you kit. Begin by adding a generous amount of glue to the fake nail. Don't be stingy with this because you will want enough glue in place so that your nails last for 7 days. If you don't use enough glue then the nail may snap off later and you'll have to prep and reapply all over again. If you're afraid of adding too much glue, don't worry because there is a manicure stick in the Kiss Broadway Nails kit so you can easily remove any excess glue from under and around your nails once the fake nail is in place.
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Apply the Fake Nails

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Once you have the glue on both the fake nail and your real nail, gently put the fake nail in place. Starting at the cuticle, gently press the fake nail onto your nail and then hold in place for 5-10 seconds. Watch you fingers here because some glue may ooze out and make your finger get stuck to the top of the nail. After 5-10 second move on to the next nail and continue until you have all 10 in place.

Once your nails are all in place gently bend and snap off the tab located on the end of each nail. If a tab comes off wrong and chips your nail then simply grab a metal emery board and file the nail back to normal.
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Preparing to Remove Fake Nails

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When you are ready to remove your nails, Do Not snap them off. This can hurt your nail beds. Instead begin by trimming the nails down and then take a nail file and file the surface of the nail in order to break through the topcoat.
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Soaking the Nails

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Once you have trimmed and filed the fake nails, use an acetone based nail polish remover to soak your nails in until softened. For this how-to we used Onyx Professional 100% Pure Acetone Remover , but Kiss actually makes a better container called Kiss All or One Artificial Nail Remover that allows you to soak a single nail or multiple nails at once.

Soak each nail for 2-3 minutes and gently rub the nail against the brush in the container in order to get the fake nail off quicker. If you have sensitive skin the acetone may severely dry your skin, so once you have removed the nails we would recommend that you wash your hands and then apply a very moisturizing hand and nail cream such as Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream.

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Hello Natural Nails

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After soaking your nails to remove the fake nails then washing and moisturizing your hands and cuticles, your nails should be back to pre-fake nail status. If your hands are still dry after moisturizing then you may want to do a moisturizing hand treatment. If they are not too dry then I would just recommend moisturizing a few times a day until your skin is back to normal.