How to Accessorize Your Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Make Them Even Uglier

 One of the best things about the holidays is that Ugly Christmas Sweater season has returned.  Out of all the traditions of this time of year, this could be one of my favorites.  Have you been invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and want to make sure your sweater is the ugliest of them all?  Or are looking to create your own DIY ugly Christmas sweater to win some points for creativity?  Here are some tips for accessorizing and creating your own ugliest of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters of all time.  

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties: Where Did They Start?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters
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 Despite its incredible popularity, nobody really knows how the ugly Christmas Sweater tradition began. Some think it started in Canada or northern midwest states. If you are interested in learning more about the speculations on the history of the ugly Christmas sweater, along with tips on how to throw the perfect party, you have to check out The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party book by Brian Miller, Adam Paulson, Kevin Wool and Glenn Gontha, who also happen to be the owners of, the best site to purchase ugly Christmas sweaters.

Like Christmas Trees, ugly Christmas sweaters need to be trimmed. Here are some additional accessorizing ideas that you can add to your sweater or even use to create a unique DIY ugly Christmas sweater of your own. 

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Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Battery Christmas Lights

It's not uncommon for folks to get lit at a party. However, when it comes to ugly Christmas sweater parties, "lit" takes on a whole new meaning. Looking to add a little extra to your sweater? Try using some battery operated Christmas lights. Use them to trim your sweater or wind them around your neck like a long necklace. Remember to get battery operated Christmas lights, not the type you have to plug in. Nobody likes a wallflower who has to stand near an outlet all night. 

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Accessorize with Christmas Ornaments

Santa Ornament
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 Try using some ornaments to add some dimension and extra ugliness to your Christmas sweater.  You can either rummage through some old boxes of ornaments you have stored away or you can hit the stores for some tacky ones.  Hang them from your sweater or even try turning small ornaments into a pair of earrings.  

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Add some flair

Christmas Brooches

 Why should the servers at your favorite family restaurants have all the fun with flair?  Scoop up some Christmas themed brooches and pins and add them to a basic sweater to give it an ugly Christmas sweater look, or use brooches to take your already ugly Christmas sweater to the next level.  

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Christmas themed earrings

Young woman wearing Christmas garland around neck
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 Don't forget the Christmas themed jewelry.  There are plenty of styles to choose from, the most popular being Christmas tree earrings.  Not only will they make a great addition to your ugly Christmas sweater, but you can certainly wear them throughout the holiday season in less garish ways.  

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Green Garland

Green Garland

 Green garland is so cheap and can be used so many different ways to spruce (no pun intended) up an ugly Christmas sweater or turn a basic sweater into an ugly one. For under ten dollars, you can use this garland to make bracelets, a headband, add fringe to a sweater, and more. Get some green garland and let your imagination go wild. 

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Don't forget a hat

Ugly Christmas Hat

 You could just go out and buy a classic Santa hat, but we're going for ugly points here, remember?  If you want to make your ugly Christmas sweater extra ugly, check out this style on Etsy.  You can also take a classic Santa hat and add some extras, like some of that green garland and Christmas pins.  

Ugly Wins

With all the stress that comes during the holidays, think of ugly Christmas sweaters as your opportunity to blow off a little steam, where it doesn't matter about getting it right or perfect. In fact, the less perfection you put towards your sweater the more likely it is that you will get crowned the winner at the next ugly Christmas sweater party you attend.