Skatepark Rules of Conduct

Skater girl at an urban skate park
Hinterhaus Productions/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Question: How should I act at skateparks?

Skateparks might be designed as places to play, but they can be intimidating to skate in. New skaters usually don’t know what to do or how to act at the skatepark. How should you act at skateparks? What should you look out for? What’s the code of conduct for skateparks?


Here are a few things to keep in mind, that will hopefully help you to have a good time at the skatepark:

Be Honest About Your Skateboarding Skill

If you are new to skating, that’s fine – you can still skate at the skatepark. But don’t try things that are too big for you, and don’t act like you own the place. A little humility goes a long way. Most skate parks have some areas that are a little easier – try those areas out first.

Watch Your Stuff

People are thieves. That’s just the way it is. Being a skater doesn’t make you any worse, but skateparks tend to have people in them, so keep an eye on your stuff. If you bring a backpack, then either wear it (which is tough to do), put it somewhere where you can ALWAYS see it, or chain it up with a bike lock. But even then, people can cut the straps and take it.

I would recommend not even taking anything very important to the skatepark. Just bring your wallet and phone, and keep those in your pockets. If someone swipes your phone from your front pocket without you knowing, then you’ve just met a master criminal, and you have a great story to tell. I wouldn’t even bring that much cash, especially if you are skating somewhere a little sketchy.

Wear a Helmet

Especially if your park requires one. If you are skating at a park that has a sign up saying WEAR A HELMET, and you don’t, and you get caught, then congratulations! You just messed it up for EVERYONE! They can close the park down because of you, or they might hire someone to watch it, which will mean it will cost more to skate there … just wear the dang helmet!

It’s also good to wear a helmet because it might just save you from becoming a vegetable. That happened here where I live. A young guy who had just become a high school teacher went down to the skatepark after school one nice sunny day and didn’t wear his helmet. He fell, and smacked his head just right, and is now a vegetable. Game over. Just like that. Wear a helmet.

Watch for Other Skaters

This is HUGE! I don’t care how good you think you are, you need to be AWARE of other skaters! If you adopt a “they better stay outta MY way!” attitude, then YOU will be the one who ends up on his butt! That’s how it works. There WILL be sucky skaters out there, who don’t know what they are doing, and if you don’t stay aware, then you will end up with one jammed into your side. After the smoke clears, it doesn’t matter who’s FAULT it is, if you ended up with a broken arm! Your arm will still be broken! STAY AWARE!

Get Back Up!

If you fall down (which you will. A lot. That’s skateboarding), then GET BACK UP! It might hurt, but unless you just busted a bone or ruptured your spleen, then get back up and get out of the way. Nothing will make other skaters hate you more than you dropping in, falling, and then laying there in the middle of the park.

If you are honestly hurt VERY badly, and can’t move, then call for help. That’s ok. People might still resent you, but don’t be stupid if you are really hurt.

If you are only a little hurt, then get back up, shake it off, and try again! Nothing will win you skater friends quite like showing that you are determined and can shrug off pain.

Know When To Go To The Skatepark

People tend to hit up skateparks around the same times each day. If you don’t get along with someone, just skate at another time. If you are older and feel uncomfortable skating with kids, then don’t go right after school gets out. If your skatepark is crowded, then try another time. Early in the morning is a good time if you want fewer people around.

Be Polite

let others go first. Smile. Say hi. Don’t be too loud. Don’t get in people’s faces. Pretty much, do what YOU would like other people to do to YOU. It works. Act like this, and you will have more fun, and make more friends.