How a Brazilian or Bikini Wax Should Look

Wax hair removal treatment
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A Brazilian wax will remove as much hair as possible from the front to back of the pubic area, while a bikini wax just removes hair from the sides. The appearance of the finished wax differs from person to person, as it depends somewhat on individual skin and hair type and how well your esthetician performs the service.

Ways to Know You Had a Good Wax

When your wax is over, the first thing you want to look for is a good amount of hair removal. However, there may be an occasional stray hair that clings on, which your esthetician should clean up with a pair of tweezers. Any additional hair left should be even on both sides. If you have a landing strip or another shape, like a square or rectangle, you want to make sure that it appears even. If it's not, your esthetician can fix it before you leave your appointment.

Redness Is Common

It's not unusual to experience some redness, so don't panic if you notice some color post-wax. This happens because you are removing hair from the follicle, which is below the skin's surface. Regardless, you should be treated with some type of after-wax product to reduce inflammation. There are also some antibacterial solutions that can be applied to help prevent infection. After the redness disappears, everything should return to a clean and healthy appearance.

In some cases, there may be more than just redness. You may see red dots or even a very small amount of blood. There shouldn't be dripping or running blood, however, just a little dot like a pinprick. The red dots or blood appear due to the hair being removed from deep down, causing the hair shaft to remain open. It happens more where hair is thick, in places like the underarms, bikini, or men's body hair. This shouldn't cause alarm, as it will go away in time.

Things to Look Out For

You should never have red patches where the skin has been removed. This could be due to an inexperienced technician or a skin reaction. Before your service, discuss all medications and skin routines as a precaution. Any other extreme changes in skin condition is a bad sign. You shouldn't see any excessive bleeding, tearing, or bruising of the skin.

It's possible that right after your wax, everything looks fine, but as days go by you notice changes in the skin. This can happen due to delayed reactions. For instance, you might notice a large, raised, and infected pustule if the area was not cleaned properly before and after your wax. Additionally, if a lot of hair seems to pop up too soon, or you start to see several ingrown hairs, then the hair likely broke off under the skin (and thus was not removed from the follicle). Unfortunately, ingrown hairs are always a possibility when it comes to waxing, but it should be minimal.

Finally, you'll find that some hair grows back within days. Hair grows in different cycles, so there may have been some hair below the skin's surface when you received your service. Seeing a couple sprout up is normal, especially if you don't get waxed regularly. However, if there's a lot of hair after a couple of days, then you should talk to your technician prior to your next service.

Safety Measures

The most important safety measure to take is to ensure that you're getting services from a licensed professional. If you are unsure, you can ask to see their license and training certificates. Be mindful that not everyone licensed is skilled.

Secondly, there should be a clean and sanitary environment for you to be waxed in, whether you're getting a quick eyebrow or full bikini wax. Understanding waxing precautions and warning signs will help you identify any issues. As long as your esthetician takes the right measurements to protect your health and safety, you'll have a much better waxing experience.

Finally, you can always perform a regular bikini wax at home and remove the hair outside the panty line. However, it's recommended to stray away from doing a Brazilian on your own.