How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?

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Electrolysis costs depend on a lot of factors including how much hair needs to be removed, the size of the area being treated and where you get your services performed. Generally, a large city is going to have higher rates than a small town.

A 35 year old woman treatment on her bikini area:

Electrolysis Costs

Visit Date Hair CountTime (in minutes) Total Spent
3/18/2002 36840$42.00
4/15/2002 21625$30.00
5/13/2002 25725$30.00
6/17/2002 28830$35.00
7/29/2002 37630$35.00
9/9/2002 30930$35.00
10/28/2002 27125$31.00
12/16/2002 31830$36.00
2/17/2003 32230$36.00
3/24/2003 24525$31.00
4/28/2003 19825$31.00
6/3/2003 18220$27.00
7/2/2003 20022$30.00
7/30/2003 11015$23.00
9/3/2003 13515$23.00
10/8/2003 19425$31.00
11/19/2003 16125$31.00
1/6/2004 9715$23.00
2/17/2004 9615$23.00
3/30/2004 6810$18.00
TOTAL  477$601.00


More Examples of Electrolysis Treatments

Female. The area being treated: heavy bikini hair.. 36 treatments were provided over a 10 year period (0 to 6 treatments per year) and spent $1585.00. Those appointments also included an occasional treatment of her breasts and abdomen.

Female with infertility.  Area being treated: Very coarse chin hair. Beginning treatments were for 15 minutes once a month for 4 months; bi-monthly for 1 year and as needed since. She has had 38 treatments in 8 years, costing a total of $622.00.

Fifty-year-old female without a fertility or weight problem. The area being treated: very coarse hair on chin, jawline, and cheeks, and throat. She tweezed daily prior to electrolysis treatments. For time and money budgeting, she chose to have 30-minute treatments, which did not clear all areas in the beginning. After 1 year of 1 to 4 treatments per month, (32 treatments in 12 months) the 30-minute treatments are now clearing her whole face and throat and she has begun treating the hairs on her upper lip.

Female. Areas being treated: legs, face (upper lip, sides, and brows) and back hairline. She spent about $8,000.00 for all those areas in a period of over 10 years. When a client gets results with one area, they often choose to treat another area, so sorting through the areas becomes difficult!

How Many Treatments are Needed?

It is impossible for the electrologist to determine how many electrolysis treatments will be needed for each person.

If you're told a specific number of treatments at the consultation, they should consider this a red flag. The amount of hair presented, the methods used to hide the hair before treatments, the genetics, hormones, nutrition and health of the individual will all be factors that determine how many treatments or sessions will be required.

A very fine growth of hair on the upper lip might be completed within 6 months and 6 to 10 very short treatments. A heavy growth of hair on the upper lip might take 2 years of treatments that begin bi-weekly and progress to monthly.

For best results, follow the electrologist recommendations in scheduling appointments. For areas that have been waxed or tweezed, treatments will be more frequent than for areas that have been shaved.

For most people who follow the recommended treatment plan, they can expect to be completed or nearly completed within 18 months. However, genetics, hormones, nutrition, and health can be a factor.

The average length of an electrolysis treatment is 30 minutes. Women will schedule 5 minutes for just a couple of annoying hairs on their chin or they will schedule hour or longer appointments to treat larger areas like heavy facial growth or legs.

The length of the electrology treatment session is directly related to the amount of hair that the client presents. If a woman is tweezing 5 hairs a day from her chin every day, then she is probably tweezing 35 hairs a week and 150 different hairs a month. Once tweezing has stopped for one month, her first treatment would be 15 to 30 minutes long, and if she can stand dealing with the hairs for one month, she would schedule her treatments monthly.

If that same woman were tweezing 50 hairs a day, every day, then she is probably tweezing 350 hairs a week and 1500 different hairs in a month. In this case, she would not want to wait one month – she would begin with weekly treatments that could last as long as an hour in the beginning. If a client continues to tweeze between treatments, then they are hiding the hair from the electrologist and are delaying the completion of their treatments.

The treatments progress by an exponential reduction of hair, weekly treatments soon become bi-weekly, then every 3 weeks, then monthly.

As the treatments progress, there should be a noticeable reduction in the amount of hair growth. Usually, within 2 months of consistent treatments, the area being cleared has less hair. Subsequently, the amount of hair growth is reduced with time until treatments are on an “as needed” basis. As treatments progress in any area, the consistent clearing of the area is important.