How Much Does a Brazilian and Regular Bikini Wax Cost?

Bikini symmetry
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There really is a wide range of prices, but I can narrow it down somewhat. It basically depends on which type of bikini wax you're getting, if you're a male or female, including what type of facility the service is being performed and where it's located.


One huge factor to consider is the area in which you are looking to get the service done. I have seen nail salons have a bikini waxing menu that starts at $15.

I have also been to high-end spas in Hollywood and New York where bikini waxing prices are up to $120 or more. Really, much depends on the location of the salon, what type of products used and the type of clientele they are aiming to attract.

A neighborhood salon that has affordable prices for their hair services, is going to keep their waxing prices in the same line. Whereas a high-end spa that offers a more luxurious experience and amenities is going to charge on the higher side.


Sometimes salons and spas will charge different prices for men and women. Many salons or spas will charge more for a men's Brazilian wax and it's an extremely specialized service.

Price Isn't a Measure of Results

Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get an amazing service when paying a high price or a poor service if it's on the less expensive side. Estheticians price their services based on experience, products being used, overhead and what type of market they're trying to attract.

Keep in mind that waxing is a business and everyone needs to earn money.

Also, an Esthetician keeping his or her area clean and sanitary will use more supplies and product. Take, for instance, double-dipping saves money but is not sanitary. An applicator is only supposed to be dipped into wax once and swiped against the skin, then thrown away.

Using a fresh stick each time adds up. Here's an article that will help you know what to look for to get a sanitary wax: Find a Clean Salon and Get a Safe Waxing.

What's Your Style?

There are also different types or styles of bikini waxes. Every style of bikini wax will cost different amounts. For example, there's the basic bikini wax or American wax where the hair is removed from the outside of the panty line. You may have hair removal from the upper thighs as well. But there's not going to be an abundance of wax being used, and since the service also takes less time. Therefore it will not be as expensive as styles that remove more hair.

On the other end of the scale, you have the Sphinx. This is where every last hair is removed from the top of your pubic region right on down to your peri-anal area and your buttocks. When I say every last hair, I mean it. There will be more time involved, products used and ​wax used. This is a more specialized service and techs will often have taken continuing education classes to perform this service.

When you get into the bikini waxing designs, like getting a heart shape, you will be paying a considerable amount more because it's difficult and time-consuming.

I think this goes beyond the technical aspect to waxing and find shaping the bikini hair into shapes to be an art form.

The Bottom Line

I've found that it really doesn't matter how much you pay if you have found an Esthetician that you're comfortable with, is knowledgeable and concerned about your health and safety. Remember that you might be in some very awkward positions. You want to find the right person for yourself, and when you do, you will know what a fair price is.