How Gay-Frienly Is Your Doctor?

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Being gay isn't a medical condition or a problem and your doctor shouldn't treat it as such. Your care should be tailored toward your specific needs and should be taken just as seriously as the care of your doctor's straight patients. If you are not comfortable coming out to your doctor or thier reception to your sexuality isn't affirmative, seek a medical professional in a more gay-affirmative environment.
Here's how to find a gay-affirmative doctor:
  1. Contact your local LGBT center, gay-specific clinic or gay organization. Centers often carry a directory of gay-friendly medical professionals. You can also find ads from gay-affirmative health care providers in gay directories and newspapers. Try these directories in this article: Top Gay Business Sites.
  2. Look for gay-friendly publications in the waiting room. Does the office subscribe to gay publications? Are there gay-specific brochures among the general health pamphlets? Carrying gay-friendly publications in the office is an indication of the doctor's affirmative feelings towards gay patients.
  3. Ask the doctor about their experience with LGBT patients. Go a step further and ask your doctor how they feel about gay patients and gay health care. This will give you a general understanding of their familiarity with LGBT patients and concerns. Your doctor may not be willing to disclose how many LGBT patient they have, but they can tell you about specific LGBT training programs their office has received or about general practices for LGBT people.
  1. If you feel uncomfortable or feel that your doctor is not gay-friendly, don't be afraid to leave the office. There are many gay-friendly medical professionals available elsewhere that provide you with affirmative care.