How Does a Lesbian Lose Her Virginity?

Question: How Does a Lesbian Lose Her Virginity?

Dear Kathy,
Please don't say I'm naive, but I don't know how a girl who's virgin and wants to have sex for the first time with another girl can lose her virginity. Can you please explain it to me?
Confused about Coitus

Answer: Dear Confused:
I guess it all depends on how you define "virginity" doesn't it? In this heterosexist society sex often means intercourse between a man and a woman.

I turned to the American Heritage Dictionary for some definitions:

The dictionary defines a virgin as: A person who has not experienced sexual intercourse

So how do they define "sexual intercourse?"

The American Heritage Dictionary defines "sexual intercourse" as:
1. Coitus between humans.
2. Sexual union between humans involving genital contact other than vaginal penetration by the penis.

In case you don't know what coitus means, here's the definition of that:
Sexual union between a male and a female involving insertion of the penis into the vagina.

If you look at the second definition of "sexual intercourse" you will see that it's a sexual union involving genitals. Any genitals. Not just a penis and vagina.

How does a lesbian lose her virginity?

If you follow the American Heritage definition of virginity, it seems any sexual union where you make contact with each other's genitals counts as losing your virginity.

I know that our culture has imposed big importance on "losing your virginity" as milestone in the sexual development of an individual.

But I encourage you to think beyond that. What is really important is that you engage in consensual sexual activities that bring you and your partner pleasure.