How Do Two Girls Have Sex?

Affectionate young female couple relaxing on bed
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How do two girls have sex? However they want!

Kissing, mutual masturbation, oral sex, massage, body rubbing, fantasy and using sex toys like a vibrator are just some of the ways two girls can have sex together. 

Lesbian Sexual Practices 

Just as with any group of people, there is a huge range of sexual activity that lesbians can participate in, including being celibate and not actually having sex at all. Because we live in a world that places a lot of emphasis on the idea of vaginal intercourse, some people have the idea that sex isn't "real" if there isn't a penis involved. But as plenty of lesbians and bisexual women can't tell you, that simply isn't the case, and it makes sex a lot easier in a respect — there's no possibility that sex can fizzle due to erectile dysfunction or the guy's inability to perform. 

Some Tips and Considerations

If you're new to girl-on-girl sex, or if you're even just becoming involved with someone new, a conversation is key. There's no rule that says you must immediately begin stripping off your clothes and jumping to it. Ask what she likes—and what she doesn't like. If she doesn't know, that's a good reason to explore, but be prepared to back off if one or both of you aren't particularly turned on by a certain practice.​

Just as with heterosexual sex, it all comes down to what each of you enjoys and finding a way to make it all mesh. Try acting out each other's fantasies, or reenacting something you might have seen in a movie. 

Women Aren't Immune to STDs

If you're with a new partner, keep in mind that women can share sexually transmitted diseases and infections between them just as gay men or heterosexual partners can. Oral and genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis and human papillomavirus can all be exchanged between women.

Consider using condoms on sex toys or other barriers like plastic wrap until you've been together for several months and both of you have been tested with negative results. It puts no more of a damper on the mood than a condom does between heterosexual partners or gay men, and if you really like each other and decide to stay together, the precautions don't have to last forever as long as you stay faithful to each other.