How Do I Please a Butch Lover?

Question: How Do I Please a Butch Lover?

I have butch girlfriend that wants to use a dildo. I am interested in seeing what it is like, but I understand that she doesn't want me to touch her clitoral area or her chest. I don't know what to do. How do I please a butch woman? I've loved to orally stimulate partners and enjoy giving in such a way. Of course, I have asked her and she gave me one idea which was [oral sex] to the dildo, but I would like to know what some other options are.

Lost with a butch girlfriend


How to Please a Butch Lover

I seem to be getting this question a lot. How do you please a butch lover?

First of all, let’s not assume that all butch women are alike and all like to be pleased in the same way. Some butch women like to wear dildos and penetrate their partners. Some butch women don’t like dildos at all, or want to be the one on the bottom, being penetrated by the dildo.

Is your lover a stone butch? A stone butch gets her pleasure from pleasing you. If your lover has told you she doesn’t want you to touch her breasts or clitoral area, she may be a stone butch. But the best way to find out is to ask her.

She may have certain areas where it is okay to touch her and others that are “off limits.” She may allow you to touch her sexually after you have earned her trust and she is able to let her guard down. Communication is key to any good sexual relationship.

It sounds like you asked her and she told you what she wants. Why not try and perform oral sex on her dildo. Watching you do this may turn her on. (Be sure to use a condom on it.) The pressure from the base of the dildo on her clitoris, combined with her being visually aroused may be enough to bring her to orgasm.

While you’re performing oral sex on her dildo, she may allow you to touch her butt, thighs or even her vaginal area. Or she may not. You’ll have to check in with her. But remember, her biggest sex organ is her brain. You probably don’t have to touch her to turn her on, your willingness to give her what she wants is the biggest turn on of all.

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