How to Do an Ollie While Rolling or Moving

Serg Myshkovsky/E+/Getty Images

Question: How do I ollie while rolling or moving?

I've gotten a lot of e-mails on this one (two just today!) - "How do I ollie while moving?" In the How to Ollie article, it goes through the steps in learning how to ollie, but sometimes we need just a little extra help. What should you do?

Answer: It's strange how in skateboarding, the first trick most skaters learn is one of the toughest to get your head around. The ollie can give you SO much trouble, but it's important to learn it and to learn it right.

I say in the how to ollie article that rolling ollies are easier to learn than stationary ollies, but that's not true for everyone. And, if you've practiced the stationary ollie for a long time, learning the rolling ollie is tough! Here are some common problems that you might be having, and what do do about them.

  • Fear - This is a VERY common problem, so if you think this is what's happening to you, don't give up! Ollying while rolling is pretty scary at first, but stick with it, and you'll be ok. Read I'm Scared of Getting Hurt for some help. Most of the mastering skateboarding is in your head. If you go into a trick thinking that you aren't going to land it, then you won't! It's that easy. Before you try and ollie, take a deep breath, visualize yourself pushing off, ollying and landing just fine, then do it.
  • Knees - It seems to me that a HUGE percentage of the time, the problems skaters are having with their ollies is their knees. First off, before you ollie, crouch down LOW. Bend your knees deep. The lower you crouch, the higher you will fly. Then, when you pop the tail, pull those knees UP. Hit your chest with your knees, and KEEP them there. Then when you fall, slam your board down. But wait for gravity to happen first.
  • Crooked Landings - This happens a lot, where when you land, the board isn't going straight anymore. This most likely has something to do with you dragging your foot up the board at an angle, not having your feet straight, turning your shoulders, or popping the board in a strange spot. Read How do I keep from turning while ollying? for more details. Try tweaking some things around, and see what helps. If you've developed a bad habit, read How to Break Bad Skateboarding Habits for help.
  • Chickenfoot - This is where you always land with one foot off of the board. While doing a rolling ollie, this is a very bad idea, but it can happen.

I hope this helps you land those rolling ollies. If you need more help, feel free to email me, or stop by the Skateboarding Forum and ask for help there. Stick with it, and you'll nail your moving ollie in no time.