How Do I Contact eBay Customer Service Directly?

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Once upon a time, eBay offered email addresses for customer service, live chat, telephone contacts, and webmail support. Over time, however, eBay has become difficult to contact.

Is It Still Possible to Contact eBay Directly?

It is still possible to contact eBay and talk to a customer representative. Search "contact eBay," and you will find a telephone number for customer service: 1-866-540-3229. According to some accounts, the wait time for this number is typically three minutes. eBay also offers a telephone number for fraud detection, which is 1-866-643-1607. The wait for this number is typically around seven minutes.

For technical support, eBay has on-line technical support, and a response is typically received within 24 hours. For online customer or technical support, eBay users can contact the online Helpdesk.

Contact Methods That Have Disappeared

It is true that channels that used to be available to reach eBay were gradually buried deeper and deeper in the eBay pages and have been discontinued on the main U.S. ( site. These include the following:

  • Live Chat: eBay, at one stage, had a live chat system that was prominently placed on every eBay page. However, links were later buried in help pages and, now, eBay's live chat is officially defunct.
  • Direct Email: It was also possible at one time to email eBay directly from your private email account using convenient addresses such as "" and to obtain a response.
  • Unity Across International Sites: Some international sites still have these links or options, but many do not. Although eBay handles most international customer support in the same facilities as U.S. support, agents helping international users generally indicate that they do not have access to U.S. accounts in their system.

Automated Help Options

The interactive web system is recommended by eBay for customer service. To use it, click the "Customer Support" link at the top of any eBay page. Clicking will send you to the online customer support page. There you can select the "Contact eBay" tab and access an automated tool that triages customer inquiries and provides links to other tools—or limited contact information based on the information that the customer provides.

Unfortunately, eBay has made it more and more difficult to reach them quickly, seeking to force buyers and sellers to rely more on self-help and their automated system—an automated system that is naturally unable to provide specific and immediate help. You can, however, still reach a person at eBay if you are patient and willing to be a bit flexible about the method of contact.

Tips for Trying to Reach eBay Directly

There are basically two realistic alternatives remaining to try to reach eBay directly.

  1. By Email, Through a Web Form: To reach eBay customer support directly, try the eBay web form accessible from the "Help" page. It will ask you to sign in, but be careful. You may get an error message if you already signed in when you opened the tool. So, you may have to sign out and then sign in again as you navigate the tool, but you should be offered a web form that reaches an email box inside eBay's customer support department. Unfortunately, eBay has begun to ignore or provide canned responses pointing to their automated tools in response to an email sent this way. That said, it is worth trying.
  2. By Telephone: If you are not a fan of telephone customer support, you may just have to bite the bullet and place a call nonetheless. Although live chat links and email links used to be scattered through the automated system, now all options either point to other tools or to a link that provides an eBay telephone number and pin. If you use these, you will be able to talk to a human about your issue after an indeterminate hold time.

If the automated system does not give you a "Have Us Call You" link for the issue you selected, just re-visit the Contact eBay tool and randomly select another issue — most of them now lead to a "Have Us Call You" link, or you can access that option at the bottom of the page. Although there is no guarantee that eBay agents will be accommodating enough to address your issue if you initially sought information on a different issue, you may find someone who can point you in the right direction.

Alternatives to Contacting eBay

For many issues, contacting eBay directly may not be your best option. The eBay community is a strong one, and, in many cases, you are more likely to get useful answers by going to the following:

  • eBay discussion boards: If your question is category-specific or region-specific, you will probably get reasonable help or answers from people that tend to know more than eBay's own customer service representatives by posting on eBay's discussion boards.
  • eBay Knowledge Base: This is also true for eBay's Knowledge Base, formerly called the Answer Center, which is basically eBay's shadow customer service system, powered by the eBay community and a few eBay staffers that pop in and post every so often. The Knowledge Base is easy to use and more helpful in many cases than eBay customer service.