How Can I Keep my Feet from Sliding Forward in My Shoes?

Too big heels
Getty Images/Rob Lewine 

Whether you're in the office or out on the town, slipping forward in your shoes is not only painful, it can make you walk wobbly and cause you to fall flat on your face. Shoes that are too big, aren't the right fit for your foot shape, or lack slip-resistant material can be annoying, embarrassing, and downright dangerous. The good news is that you don't have to swap sexiness for safety and don your Grandmother's orthopedic lace-ups. That's right ladies, a little bit of forethought, or well-placed grips will make all the difference in the world.

There are a few reasons you may be sliding forward in your shoes, one of which is that your shoes are too slippery, either because they are new (and haven't been broken in yet) or the soles of your shoes are highly polished. No worries. Whether your issue is slippery soles or sliding feet because of ill-fit, we've got a solution for you.

Sand Your Shoes

Wipe the bottom of your shoes with a rag. This releases any dirt or debris from the bottom of the shoe and prepares the sole for sanding. Next, rub medium-grit sandpaper in circles along the entire shoe bottom. Concentrate the most effort to the area that lies under the balls of your feet and the heels. Be sure to hold the shoe steady in your hand.

Use a Sharp Blade

Carefully scrape a couple of big "X"s into the sole using the tip of the blade of a sharp pair of scissors. Take care not to go too deep and always use caution when handling sharp implements. Repeat for the other shoe.

Seek Professional Help

If you're not the handy type, or you just blew your entire paycheck on a new pair of designer stilettos, make your way to your favorite shoe repair shop and have soft, cushioned inserts strategically placed either under the tongue or along the upper back interior of your shoes. Both options will make your shoes feel like they were custom-tailored just for you.

Stuff Your Shoes

This obviously only works for closed-toe shoes. Fill the toe box with tissue paper or soft fabric so your feet really have no room to move around and slip forward. 

Think Like a Model

Here's a tip that a lot of runway models use. Just grab some hairspray and spritz some of the sticky stuff on the bottom of your shoes. Especially if you're wearing a new pair of shoes and you don't know how they're going to behave, stash a travel size bottle of hairspray in your purse so you can use it in a pinch. 

Products That Work

Because feet slipping forward in shoes is so common, manufacturers have come to the rescue and developed a few products if this is a problem you tend to encounter. 

First, a company called Foot Petals makes a couple of different inserts that help prevent blister-causing friction, but also help to keep your feet in place inside your shoes. Both Tip Toes from FootPetals and Heavenly Heelz from FootPetals can be picked up at your local pharmacy or most Rickys outlets nationwide.

Some people swear by using double-sided tape, but I am not a big fan. However, if you go that route, be sure to use something that is safe for skin contact, like toupee tape. Vapon makes tape strips call "Topstick" that might be ideal.