How Can I Get Blonde Pubic Hair That Looks Natural?

A hair bleaching kit.
david-degen / Getty Images

Many of use dye our hair. Many of us bleach our hair. But how many of us have blonde hair on our head and dark hair down there? Probably most of us because how can we possibly bleach our pubic hair and not have it looking like Crusty the Clown’s hair?

Can I use regular bleach?

No! Put down the bleaching supplies. There are specifically designed supplies for your pubic region. Hair dye is much too harsh for your delicate genital area. Using hair dye could result in redness, itching, blisters and even burns.

How can I get natural looking blonde pubic hair?

As I mentioned before, there are products designed for the pubic hair. Make sure that the bleach is formulated for the body as bleach for your hair is much harsher and can cause irritation. It may take a few tries to get the color desired.

If you are still not satisfied, there are products out there like Blonde Betty or Colour Down Under and Smart Bikini Colour that have blonde shades. You can mix and match shades from the same manufacturer to get the exact color you want.

I am still nervous about doing it myself. Is there help?

You can always call a local salon and ask if they offer a service to dye your pubic area. There are many out there who have the expertise to give you exactly what you want.