Should You Try a Brazilian Wax at Home?

injuries of waxing. Band-Aid on groin
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Can you perform a Brazilian wax on yourself at home? This specialty wax is a very intricate process that removes most of the hair from the pubic area, including the middle, all the way to the backside. This means that on a man, hair is also removed from the penis and testicles.

Sometimes hair in a small strip or shape like a triangle, oval, square or rectangle is left in the front. In a woman, this area in the front above the clitoris called the pubic mons.

On a man, it's the area above the penis.

A full Brazilian, as it's often called, doesn't leave any kind of shape or strip in front but will remove all of the genital hair.  This type of wax that basically leaves you bald is also referred to as a Hollywood wax.

Why You Wouldn't Want to Give Yourself a Brazilian

Even though the techs make it look pretty simple, waxing in itself isn't the easiest thing to do in the world. When you try to wax yourself, it adds an extra level of difficulty. That aside, think of all of the nooks and crannies that are waxed with a Brazilian, regardless whether it's a regular or full version. Here's your answer: It's almost humanly impossible to perform on yourself because you couldn't reach all those areas on your own, even putting the risks aside.

Honestly, we don't recommend doing more than removing the hair outside of your bikini line on your own. As you get closer to the genitals and remove hair on them, the skin becomes more sensitive.

If you want a Brazilian, then go for it. But it's not the time to try to save money with the DIY version. You could cause yourself to be sore for days, or worse, burn, tear or bruise your skin. 

Estheticians, and in most states, Cosmetologists, are licensed to perform waxing. Even those that have experience waxing the face and some parts of the body need additional training to give a safe and effective Brazilian wax.

It's an advanced service that needs to be performed by someone not only licensed but experienced and skilled in this particular technique.

Bikini Vs. Brazilian Wax at Home

If you're just looking to clean up the hair outside your panty line, then a do-it-yourself regular bikini wax is an option because the bikini line is just the extension of your leg into your inner thigh. Whereas we've already covered how much more of the intimate area is waxed. 

Technicians often use hard wax for at least part of the service because it works extremely well for the coarse and curly hair found on the genitals. Hard wax is applied and removed differently than soft wax. Compared to soft wax, it's heated to a lower temperature, put on thicker and doesn't require a strip.

The wax hardens up after it's on the skin, shrink-wrapping the hair, and is removed with the fingers. In addition to learning the technique and using hard wax, it would also be very difficult to leave an even strip or shape in the front when trying to wax yourself.

It's not that you couldn't run into potential problems in waxing your bikini line. However, it's still much safer than waxing all of your pubic hair off.

The Bottom Line

Don't try this specialty wax at home.

Pick up the phone and make an appointment with someone skilled and experienced. If it's not something you can afford right now or to save money, stick to the do-it-yourself version of waxing your bikini line. If you're set on the Brazilian look, opt for shaving off all of your genital hair.