8 Hottest Trends in Hair Color

Update Your Look With These Fresh Trends

Nicole Trunfio & Lily Aldridge. Aldridge (r) is sporting ombré highlights.
Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images

The hottest hair color trends of the year include ombré, platinum, babylights, dip-dyes and bright hues. In this article, you'll find gorgeous photo galleries, plus tricks to help you find the shade perfectly tailored to your personality and coloring.

The 8 hottest hair color trends include the following: 

  1. Balayage Hair Color
  2. Pastel Hues
  3. Babylights
  4. Brunette Hair With a Twist
  5. Sombré Hair Color (aka, "Subtle Ombré")
  1. Platinum Blonde Hair
  2. Bronde, aka "Brown Blonde"
  3. Rose Gold Red Hair

Balayage: More Natural Than Foils

Balayage, the art of hair painting, is taking the country's salons by storm and is quickly becoming the highlighting method of choice over foils. It works on all hair colors, but is especially great on blondes with a beautiful base. Trying dying your hair with a mix of highlights and lowlights. It's the process used in many of the hair trends listed below, such as babylights and French brown.

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Pastel Hues: Colors NOT Found in Nature

Quite a few celebrities have been dying their hair washes of pastels. Pale pinks, baby blues, apricots, and light violets can be seen all over magazines. This trend has been dubbed by the fashion trend Website Refinery29 as "unicorn hair color" and it references hair color that's basically not found in nature on anyone's head of hair.

So what goes? Streaks, washes of pastels, Kool-Aid hair color and more remain popular among women of

If you don't want to go all out, consider coloring a few strands of hair in pastel colors or add in pastel-colored highlights. You can also try out temporary hair colors, which will wash out in a shampoo or two.

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You know that baby blonde hair color that's rarely seen on anyone over the age of 3? You can get that look again if you're willing to spend some cash/

So what are babylights, exactly? They are basically superfine highlights that take way longer than the usual method to complete. Howard separates hair into a ton of small sections and paints variations of color on sections of those sections. You know the pin-prick sized stripes you get via foils? Babylights are tiny sections of highlights, but are painted on instead, so some strands are thicker than others. It's a tedious process that can take well over an hour, but the end result is gorgeous and much more natural-looking than a head of foiled highlights or all-over hair color.

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Brunette Hair With a Twist

Brunette hair may seem boring, but the Duchess of Cambridge has made being a natural brunette hotter than ever, as more women are embracing their natural brown hair color and popping it up a notch by going for rich, chestnut shades and caramel colors.

The trends in brunette hair range from ombre hair color, brondes and "French brown." French brown is basically 3 shades of brunette hair color balayaged on to create a mult-dimensional, natural effect, according to the Fashionista Website.

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Sombré Hair Color -- That's a Subtle Ombré to You

Ombre is making way for a more subdued style, a trend dubbed "sombre" by some trend sites.

“I think ombré the way we were doing it two years ago (dark roots and dip-dyed ends), is out,” Matrix hairstylist George Papanikolashe told The Powder Room beauty blog.

Instead, Papanikolas opts for sombré hair color. “A few pieces should fade, but the ends shouldn’t all be highlighted.”

Whether you go for the more traditional ombré or the trendy, more subtle, sombré, you'll find great inspiration in this photo gallery of 20 amazing ombré hairstyles.

If you'd rather go the more subtle route, just ask your stylist to be less obvious.

Going Platinum

Platinum blonde hair is more popular than ever as blondes are opting to go even lighter, losing the golden honey tones for more icy, lighter shades. Keeping hair this blonde is high maintenance, however, and won't suit all skin tones.

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Bronde Hair

Bronde or "brown blonde" is that perfect shade between blonde and brunette that was first made popular back in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bündchen and remains popular today (another long-lasting trend!).

Learn more about the technique in this photo gallery of 20 luscious bronde hairstyles.

The Right Kind of Red Hair

Red hair is big this year, but the colors that you'll see range from amazing rose golds to deep reds. The good news is almost everyone can be a redhead, you just have to find the right shade.

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