These Hotel Fails Might Make You Decide To Just Stay Home

There really is no place like home.

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Lost In Translation

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We think they're trying to tell us something....

Whether you're traveling for business or for leisure, staying at a hotel should be a fun experience. Hotels often have amenities that you won't find at your average suburban residence, from spa treatments to in-house gym equipment and sparkling swimming pools. Plus, there's maid service! And room service! Fresh towels and linens that you don't have to launder yourself! If you're really lucky, you might even stay at a swanky place that leaves mints on your pillow during their nightly turn-down service; or one that has a room steward who folds your plush, white towels into a quirky animal sculpture to delight your children at bedtime. Yes, under good circumstances, staying at a hotel can be both luxurious and awesome. 


Not all hotels are created equally. Some have sub-par cleanliness standards, stained sheets, inexplicable electrical outlets, and other hilariously silly feats of bad engineering or design. Some even have things like -GASP- bed bugs that will sneak into your suitcase in order to come home with you and ruin your life for a while. Truly, some hotels make you wish you'd never left home in the first place.

The hotels below fall squarely into the "not so great" category. Check out some hotel fails that might make you cry yourself to sleep on that scratchy, low-thread-count pillow.

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Objects In Mirror Are More Hilarious Than They Appear

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Imgur user MyPPisSmall (LOL, nice username) uploaded this image along with the caption, "When you're feeling great but your hotel mirror puts you back in check."

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But... Which Way To Room 19?

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If your goal is to stand in the hallway gaping at a confusing sign for a while before heading to your room, this hotel is for you! 

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That's Electrifying

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Well, that certainly looks safe, doesn't it? Really instills confidence in the hotel wiring. Hope you enjoy being awakened at 3 a.m. by a blaring fire alarm!

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This Hotel Lobby Is Kind of Kinky

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Whoa, there! Who designed this hotel lobby? Our guess is that it was some guy with a bit of a mommy-complex.

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Who Needs Vents, Anyway?

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This vent is for display only! It serves no useful function; it's just decoration. Isn't it lovely?

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Do Not Use This Ashtray

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It's a no-smoking ashtray. Kind of like a do-not-wear bathrobe. 

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King-Sized Failure

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This is the room they give to fighting couples. Whomever loses the argument gets the boxspring side of the bed.

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What Kind of Towel Animal Is That?

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That awkward moment when you learn your room steward is NOT good at towel origami animals. Have fun explaining this one to the kids! 

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Room With A View

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Who needs privacy when you're in the loo? This ain't the Ritz Carlton, folks! You'll sit in a transparent box to crap like every other pleb, and you will LIKE IT.

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Watch Out For The Trippy Stairs

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These bizarre stairs have "lawsuit" written all over them. 

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Putting The "Hot" In Hotel

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Now that's a strange coincidence! Must be one of those glitches in the Matrix in action.

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That's Quite A Reach

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This commode is perfect for those people who have 5 foot long arms. Because there are so many of those people in the world.

Seriously, guys. You had one job!

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Incontinence In The Pool? You Should Be Sorry

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Spellcheck is important, but it doesn't always solve the problem. Sometimes you just have to know the difference between "inconvenience" and "incontinence." 

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Have A Seat, If You Can

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"My hotel has a sitting area with no possible way to access it," said Reddit user HotelIndiaFoxtrot.

Let me just get my 10 foot ladder out so I can have a seat.

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This Makes No Sense

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Zero. Not one iota. Nada. Zilch. 

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Room With A View

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We didn't say a view of what, but yes, there is a window in the room. Enjoy!

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Straight Into the "Circular File"

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All complaint boxes should look this way. 

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Artfully Displayed

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This toilet paper is a work of art! It even comes with its own display case. 

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We don't think that word means what you think it means. 

That's It! Next Time We're Just Staying Home.

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