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Are you looking for a job in the hospitality industry? When you’re writing a resume, it can be helpful to look at resume examples related to your job or career field. From there, choose the type of professional resume that best presents your skills.

While many hospitality industry employers use online applications, you may need to craft your own resume to send to others. Writing a resume will also help you to organize your information for entering into online applications.

What to Include in Your Resume

Your resume should include information pertinent to the job you’re applying for. Any degrees you have earned or classes you’ve taken that relate to the position should be mentioned, as well as previous and current jobs you have held that have similar requirements.

If you’re inexperienced, highlight volunteer positions you have had, such as helping out at your school’s concession stand during football games, or organizing the spring dance.

Tips for Writing Your Resume

Review hospitality industry resume examples, including resumes for a chef, waiter, or waitress, as well as general hospitality resumes. Whether it's your first job, you are changing professions, or you want to polish your resume, these templates can help.

Make a list of your skills, and match them to the job requirements listed in the job posting. The closer you can match your skills, even using the same language as the employer, the more likely you are to secure an interview.

Hospitality Skills for Resumes

What skills should you emphasize in the hospitality industry? Before you begin to write your resume, consider your past employment and training and how those will make you a good candidate for other positions. For nearly any position in the hospitality industry, you'll want to emphasize the following skills on your resume:

  • Customer service: Whether you're a housekeeper, server, or concierge, you'll need to greet customers with a smile and cheerful attitude, answer questions, solve problems, and otherwise demonstrate strong verbal communication and customer service abilities.
  • Attention to detail: The little things matter in the hospitality industry – they're the difference between a great or mediocre review. Having a good memory and paying attention to details elevates service (and can also increase tips).
  • Teamwork: You'll need to work well with other staff members, collaborating to provide a good experience for customers.
  • More: List of Hospitality Skills

Resume Samples for Hospitality Jobs

This is a sample resume written for a sous chef position. You may simply read the sample below or download the Word template by clicking on the link.

Hospitality Resume Example (Text Version)

Creighton Cooke
534 Rue Lane
San Francisco, CA 94105
(123) 456-7890


Energetic and creative sous chef offering four years’ experience contributing to success of Michelin-starred restaurants. Positioned to excel in role demanding superb leadership and personal initiative.

Core Competencies

  • Well-versed in hiring, training, and supervising kitchen teams of ~10 staff, leading by example to ensure the highest food quality and workplace morale.
  • Trained in advanced French cooking and patisserie, with track record of creating award-winning desserts lauded by customers and in the media.
  • Budget-conscious and proactive in identifying ways to reduce food and labor costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Adept in use of Microsoft Office Suite, POS, and restaurant management software.

Professional Experience

Sous Chef, May 2017–Present
Partner with Chef de Cuisine to create innovative and exciting new menu items. Supervise team of ten prep chefs and other kitchen staff in food preparation and kitchen sanitation; establish and convey shift schedules. Hire and train new personnel in cooking techniques and safe food handling processes.

  • Stepped up to serve as acting Chef de Cuisine during three-month leave of permanent chef.
  • Created hallmark chocolate cake offering that earned rave reviews in San Francisco at Night and Taste of San Francisco.
  • Identified new sources for fresh, locally produced organic produce that slashed costs by 60%.

Sous Chef, March 2015–May 2017
Leveraged training in French cooking techniques to optimize preparation of a wide range of grilled seafood appetizers and entrees. Ensured uncompromised staffing of back-of-house operations, closely monitored food handling practices, and trained new hires in industry best practices.

  • Introduced new recommended pairings of specialty seafood dishes with wines that increased up-sales of wine menu by 45%.
  • Promoted within three months of initial hiring as Prep Chef (June 2015) to oversee five kitchen staff.

Education & Certification

Associate of Science Degree in Culinary Arts (2015)
City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

SafeServ Certification

Hourly Hospitality Resume Examples

Highlight the hospitality skills mentioned above on your resume. As well, take a look at the job requirements mentioned on the job description — reviewing these will help you understand what employers are looking for in candidates. 

  • Hotel Front Desk Resume: Highlight your communication skills, such as verbal communication, friendliness, and respect.
  • Hourly Position Hospitality Resume: This example is suitable for an hourly position in the hospitality industry, such as hotel front desk and other positions. It highlights customer service training and experience.

Chef/Cook Resume Examples

If you are applying for a position in the kitchen, take the time to review these skills for chefs.

  • Chef / Culinary / Restaurant Resume: See how to detail your experience to get a chef position or management position in the culinary industry.
  • Cook Resume: Applying for a cook position? Adapt this example of a cover letter and resume, emphasizing your skills, experience, and job fit.

Front of the House Resume Example

Want to get a job as a waiter and waitress? In addition to listing your relevant experience, you’ll want to emphasize your skills, such as communication, engaging with the public, greeting guests, listening, and verbal communication.

Not sure how to get a job as a waiter/waitress? Start by asking people you know to refer you to open positions. Many restaurant jobs are filled by word of mouth. Then visit local restaurants to inquire about openings, and search listings on job search sites.

  • Waiter/Server Resume: Customize your cover letter and resume based on examples for a server position.

Student/Seasonal Hospitality Resume Examples

Students who need employment during school breaks or workers who enjoy changing locations with the weather might need to find seasonal jobs. Industries like retail, tourism, and transportation hire seasonal workers, generally during the summer months and the holiday season. Resume examples can help you get started with your seasonal job application:

  • Summer or Seasonal Catering Job Resume: Looking for a catering gig? Customize this resume example to reflect your experience and land that seasonal job. Just be sure to remove the student-centered information, such as your GPA, if you’re a more experienced worker. 
  • Seasonal Waiter Resume Example: Once you’ve acquired a good deal of experience, you can let your job history and skills speak for themselves and take off irrelevant or outdated information.

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

SHOW YOUR EXPERIENCE: Highlight the experiences and accomplishments that will make you an asset to the team. 

MENTION YOUR SKILLS: Show how you have contributed to the success of the establishment through the unique skill set that you bring to the position. 

TAILOR YOUR RESUME: Take the time to tweak each resume you send out and customize the language to match what’s listed in the job posting. You’ll boost your chances of scoring an interview by using similar keywords and phrases.