Hooray for Hoops

Add some new hoorays to those hoops cheers

Chad Cooper/Flickr

Fire up those basketball fans with some new basketball cheers. I've found the Internet to be a good resource for cheers, from sideline chants to half-time cheers, you can find them all online.

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Here's a small sample of what I've come across for your use and enjoyment. Add your own special touches to them and get that basketball crowd moving.

Legend: X = Clap, P = Pause, S = Stomp

Bluestreak Cheers and Chants has put together a great selection of basketball cheers. Try these sideline chants:

  • Steal! (p) That basketball! (SxxxSxx)
  • Dribble it (xx) Pass it (xx) We (p) Want (p) A BASKET! (xx)
  • Shoot that ball into the basket…(repeat twice more) Shoot it!
  • Set it up (xx) Put it in (xx) Set it up, put it in, let's go fight win!

Also found online at Kristy's Cheers were these basketball cheers:

  • Come on (star player) grant our wish all we wanna hear is swish!!!
  • Run Run Run the Floor
    Raise Raise Raise the Score
    Run The Floor
    Raise the score
    2 points More!!
  • You walked, You walked. You traveled and got caught!

Florida State University School uses these basketball cheers and chants:

  • United We Stand, Divided we fall
    All for one, and one for all
    watch the ______s fall
  • Put it up (XX)
    Put it in (X X)
    Put it up put it in
    Let's go fight win!

A small school cheerleading advisor, Peggy, offers this variety of basketball cheers:

  • Hey you XX in the (school color)XX
    raise the score a point or two X
    Hey you in the (school color), raise the score a point or two
  • ( Players name) is on the line,
    looking fine,
    sink it ("), sink it!
  • Dribble, dribble.
    Shoot, shoot,
    take that ball to the hoop, hoop!

Be sure to check out our cheer and chant subject for more basketball cheers/chants and remember to add some hooray to those hoops.