Hooded Beings

Strange, dark hooded beings often appear at night, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. Occasionally they take the form of the Grim Reaper. Here are experiences with these frightening entities from readers just like you.

Another Hooded Being

A couple sees a "person" about 7 feet tall or more in an all-black robe with a hood and long cane.

Another Hooded Figure

Ellen saw a figure in a long robe and rope sash walk across the railroad tracks.

Another Robed Figure

Morgan saw standing before the window a black thing in a black robe and a black cloak/hood thing over it.

Attacked by Hooded Beings

"The fourth hooded being was standing about a foot and a half from me on my right side. I couldn't tell what they were doing, other than talking with my wife...."

Black-Cloaked Entity

Tom sees a shape of something, darker then the shadows moving down the sidewalk.

Black-Cloaked Entity Changed My Life

"It never appeared and it never approached. It did something completely different, really strange, and nearly impossible to describe...."

Black-Cloaked "Person"

Out of the corner of her eye, Angela sees a black-cloaked hooded "person" sitting on her bed and staring at her.

Black-Hooded Demon

In his bedroom, Matt saw a man standing there in a black robe with a hood that covered his face in darkness.

Black-Hooded Figure

Another black-hooded figure with the red eyes, frightening but not threatening -- and with a sense of humor!

Caped Ghost

In a hospital, a man saw a tall man wearing a long black cape walking away from him.

Cloaked Beings

One night, a few friends out stargazing realize they are the ones being watched.

The Cloaked Entity

Kyle is outside talking on the phone when he sees the black-cloaked entity.

Cloaked Entity Scares a Skeptic

"It wasn't really floating, just hovering above him. There was light coming through the bedroom window, so he was able to see the silhouette of it. He said it had no legs, no head, just a black cloak with triangular edges, as if its arms were crossed...."

Dark and Light Hooded Beings

At the foot of his bed, David saw a dark hooded being about 3½ ft. tall reading from a big leather-cased book with many different symbols on it.

Entity in the Hoodie

"As I approached, I was looking around, paying attention to my soundings, and as I looked behind this young black man in the trees behind the bench of the bus stop, I saw this... I don't know what it was. It was about 5'8" and wearing a gray hoodie...."

Foreboding Grim Reaper

When about eight years old, Chris saw a specter-type outline of the Grim Reaper about six or seven feet away.

Grim Reaper on the Patio

Ginger's mother was very ill when she saw this creepy phantom.

Grim Reaper Sighting

This witness swears to have seen a figure that looked like The Grim Reaper.

Haunted by the Grim Reaper

Nanette also saw the Grim Reaper, when she was four and again 24 years later.

Grim Reaper Visit

At 2 a.m. in Australia, Nikki sees the dreaded Reaper in her bedroom doorway.

Harassed by Hooded Beings

"Some time in the middle of the night I awoke to find a red-hooded spectre coming toward me from the wall parallel to my bed...."

Hideous Trolls

A woman says she saw two troll-like beings that were 3 ft. tall with massive dreadlock-like hair with enormous hideous teeth that were fixated into malignant, evil grins.

Hooded Being at the Edge of the Universe

"We got back to the entrance and hurried back to the car. We were joking around that something was coming for us, when suddenly my buddy in the back seat said, 'Start the car -- NOW!'..."

Hooded Being at the River

In Manitoba, Canada, Jasmyne sees a being wearing a long, tan-colored robe with a hood over its head.

Hooded Demon

When Nick was about nine, he saw the robed figure in the hallway of his home.

Hooded Figure on New Cut Road

On New Year's Day, as the snow was falling, a hooded figure standing 7 to 8 feet tall is seen.

Hooded Figure

First they heard its footsteps on campus, then they saw the cloacked, hooded thing floating above the ground.

Hooded Figure Warning

Patricia saw a very tall black-hooded being in her kitchen next to the front window.

Hooded Figure Sighting

Hooded Figures in the Fields

Linda saw the Grim Reaper beings in fields of crops.

Hooded Foreboding and Death

Meg sees two caped shadow figures at least 10 feet in height standing and moving menacingly just beyond a gate.

Hooded Hatchet Man

Debbie woke up one night to a hooded figure standing beside her bed.

Hooded Men

A little girl sees little hooded men go through the wall, but she cannot see their faces.

Hooded Robe of Death

"My eyes noticed a sort of faint glowing outline of a tall figure of a man dressed in a hooded robe of Death. I couldn't see its face but a pair of fiery red eyes were staring at me intently...."

Hooded Something

An elementary school girl sees a strange being in a hooded overcoat.

Huge Hooded Figure

While driving in North Carolina, Nat sees a hooded figure hovering right next to her car.

Little Hooded Entity

When ten years old, Connie saw an unusual hooded being that was about two feet tall.

Laughing Hooded Being

One of these dark figures pointed at Xavier as he drove down the road.

Lurking Hooded Being

Jasmine's sister's house in Redmond, Washington has a dark hooded figure that walks in and around it.

Man in the Cloak

When looking in a mirrow, this writer saw a tall, pale figure in cloak and hood before it disappeared.

Neighbor's Cloaked Figure

Robbie was cleaning his kitchn when he saw a large cloaked figure, its face without form.

Reciting Hooded Figure

While on vacation on a Greek isle, Nick sees a tall, slender, black shadowy being come in through the window.

Robed Figure Knocks

A man looks out his door's peephole and sees a robed figure standing in front of the door... and it had no face.

Robed Figure Returns

After crawling into her parents' bed, Trisha sees a robed figure with a bald head.

Seven Hooded Figures

While hoseback riding, a woman sees seven figures in black robes and hoods.

Shrouded Figure

A pregnant woman sees a shrouded figure at the foot of her bed.

Sinister Hooded Being

When Angela walked out of her bathroom, there was a black cloaked entity standing at the top of the stairs, about 5½ feet in height.

Spectre with a Sickle

Ruthann thought she was seeing things when she encountered a thing carrying a sickle.

Tall Cloaked Figure

"Standing right there, approximately three feet away from the foot of his bed, was a 7-foot-tall figure clad in a long black cloak that reached down to at least past the visible level of the bed...."

Tall, Unfriendly Hooded Being

"I looked up and the figure I saw was so tall that its head was touching the ceiling...."

Three Strangers

"He explained how as he looked at the front door it slowly opened and three cloaked figures stood at the entrance. He then went on to say that he was paralyzed by these figures because they spoke to him without speaking...."

Trembling Hooded Figure

Siham encounters a black, hooded figure standing in front of his desk.

Weird Red-Hooded Creature

After a party, Jen sees a strange three-foot-tall figure wearing a red cloak.

White Cloaked Figure

Mykayla sees a cloaked figure carrying a lamp of some kind.

White Hooded Figure

An honest woman sees a hooded figure in white that walked from one side of a hallway to the other and was gone.