Honeymoon Sex

Where to Find Information on Virginity, First-Time Sex, and Honeymoon Sexuality

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Honeymoon sex is different from other types of sex. Whether you are virgins or not, it's likely that the sex you have on your honeymoon will be more passionate and profound. You have sealed your fate together with your wedding vows, and the love you make will have more meaning than ever before.

Notice I said "honeymoon" -- not "honeymoon night." If you're expecting fireworks and multiple orgasms to take place during the evening directly following your wedding, I advise you to lower your expectations before you come to bed.

Here's why you could be setting yourself up for disappointment: The tension and anxiety leading up to the actual ceremony, the exhaustion that comes from hosting your friends and family at the event (even the ones you're not wild about), the weakness that can come from not eating all day (or drinking a bit too much), and the stress that accompanies travel can lead to honeymoon sex that fizzles -- or no sex at all on that first night.

Your Wedding Night

Agree ahead of time to take the pressure off. Here's how:

  1. Accept the fact that wedding nights are perfect only in the movies.
  2. In most cases, you're either going to be exhausted from the wedding or totally wired.
  3. Neither is the best state of mind for the best sex of your life.
  4. So take the pressure off yourselves.
  5. Shower and change into comfortable clothes.
  6. Order room service.
  7. If it feels right to you, and you still have out-of-town friends around, invite them to your honeymoon suite.
  8. If that's the craziest advice you ever heard, ignore it.
  9. After the food and drink arrive, slip the do not disturb sign on your door.
  10. Share with each other the high points of the wedding, and what you remember most.
  11. Present a small wedding night gift to each other (see below for ideas).
  12. Arrange a wake-up call if you need to catch a flight.
  13. Don't rush things. Start with a massage, perhaps.
  14. If you don't plan on starting a family immediately, plan in advance for the birth control you'll use.
  15. And if the sex isn't the greatest thing you ever experienced, don't fret. 

Lots of couples now settle in for a wedding after-party (or honeymoon pre-party), where they hole up in a hotel room with just a few close friends, change into comfortable clothing, and relive the event while it's still fresh in everyone's mind.

The Good News About Honeymoon Sex

Once the ink is dry on your marriage license, you’ve got a lifetime ahead of you to practice, starting with the remainder of your honeymoon — and then all the passionate years ahead. One of the reasons most people prefer an easy-going honeymoon is that it gives them the leisure to be intimate and make love without interruption.

If you've already been lovers before the wedding, you've had time to explore one another's body and learn the types of touches that please and excite. On your honeymoon, you may want to enhance the experience by having sex in a different place (lots of couples believe sex on the beach is a romantic rite of passage), wearing sexy honeymoon lingerie or packing a few small and portable sex toys in your suitcase.

Begin Exploring

If you've waited until your honeymoon to have sex, you may want to brush up on the act of love. To get info on virginity, first-time sex, and health issues relating to honeymoon sex, start with these topics:

Take It Easy

Honeymoon sex is supposed to be pure pleasure – but what happens when the bride starts feeling sick and intercourse becomes a painful act that she begins to dread? The cause could be honeymoon cystitis, which is one term used to define a urinary tract infection. The majority of sufferers are female, and its not uncommon for a woman to develop cystitis on her honeymoon — although it can happen any time you are sexually active and penis-vagina penetration is involved. Left untreated, this condition can lead to a bladder and kidney infection. Fortunately, honeymoon cystitis normally responds quickly to antibiotics.