Homemade Hair Mask Recipes for Dry Hair

These masks will leave hair softer & more manageable

Hydrating ingredients that work to soften dry, frizz-prone hair include avocados, bananas, egg yolks, maple syrup, rum and sunflower oil. I recommend applying masks to dry hair and putting a shower cap over hair for at least 15 minutes for each of these treatments.

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My friend Stephanie is a health food nut who refuses to put anything chemical on her body or her hair. So when I asked her how she keeps her naturally curly hair so glossy she gave me the recipe for this deep conditioning treatment she uses about once a month. She also loves it because it's a great way to get rid of ripe bananas and avocados.

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High Gloss Recipe for Frizzy Hair

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Add gloss and shine to your hair with this egg yolk and rum recipe by Caudalie skincare co-founder Mathilde Thomas. Thomas gives the recipe to O the Oprah Magazine and says, “My mother taught me that shiny hair is key to a polished look. If my hair appears dull, I still make her at-home conditioner." The results, she says are shiny, shiny hair.

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I love the smell of coconuts, it always brings me back to Caribbean vacations from long ago and summers spent on the beach. Turns out, coconut oils and milks are great for both your skin and your hair. This coconut recipe is a favorite on Makeupalley.com and leaves hair silky and smelling fabulous. Plus, it's super simple. Pina colada anyone?

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Sunflower Oil Treatment for Dry Hair

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Sunflower oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer for dry hair. Instead of investing in expensive lotions and potions that can add chemicals and residue to your hair, use this simple sunflower oil remedy to make your dry hair silky smooth and manageable. Sunflower oil has smoothing properties and is considered non-comedogenic.

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Maple syrup is actually super hydrating for dry, coarse or damaged hair. Use this recipe once a week and your formerly brittle hair will come to life. But beware, maple syrup is messy, so keep this in mind.

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This hot oil treatment is a real treat for dry, coarse, oily or damaged hair. I recommend using this wrap once a month. You'll have to shampoo hair at least twice to remove all the oil, which will dry crunchy if it's not washed out. But the effects are worth it. Keep the treatment simple (warm up your favorite oil) or go all out with drops of essential oil, some infused herbs and hot towels.

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Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer
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My favorite oil to keep in the bathroom is extra virgin coconut oil. In the winter, I slather it on my body after a shower and towel off the excess. I also spread it on my face and exfoliate with a damp washcloth before applying sunscreen year-round.

In India, women use coconut oil on their hair to give it shine and to help repair damaged cuticles. You can use it a couple times a week in place of conditioner. Simply scoop up 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your palm and work it into the bottom 2/3rds of hair after you shampoo in the shower. Leave it on while you shave or wash your body, then rinse out. If you find it's simply too greasy, follow with another shampoo.

Keep in mind that a little coconut oil goes a long way.

You can find extra virgin coconut oil at your local health food store or grocery.

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You can make your own amazing hair conditioners from a few ingredients found in your pantry, plus a few essential oils you can buy online or in your health food store.

This recipe incorporates coconut oil, brown sugar and essential oils.

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