Hitman: Blood Money Cheat Codes for PC

Unlimited ammo, infinite money, god mode, and more cheats for Windows

Even the world's greatest assassin needs a little assistance sometimes. That's why the PC version of Hitman: Blood Money has cheat codes for infinite ammo, invincibility, and more bonuses to help you earn the Silent Assassin rating on every level.

Hitman Blood Money scene
anna1395 / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr

These cheats are exclusively for Hitman: Blood Money on Windows.

How to Enable Cheats for Hitman: Blood Money on PC

Activating cheats on the PC involves editing a game file, so it is recommended that you create a backup of the original. Using a text editor, add EnableCheats to the bottom of the hitmanbloodmoney.ini file in the game folder and save your changes.

If you installed the version 1.2 patch, the EnableCheats edit in the .ini file will not activate cheats within the game.

Hitman: Blood Money Cheat Menu

After making the required file edit, press C during gameplay to display the cheat menu, then select Cheats. Press Up or Down to select the cheat, then press Left or Right to toggle the options for it. Setting a cheat to 0 disables the effect, and setting it to 1 enables it.

Some codes do nothing, and one crashes the game, so make sure you know what each cheat does before activating it.

Cheat Effect
Show OSD Toggle on-screen display.
Invisible Mode Toggle invisibility.
God Mode Toggle God mode (invincibility).
InfAmmo Get unlimited ammunition.
InfClip Get unlimited ammunition in the current clip.
Test Cloth Cycle through disguises in the current level.
Complete Level Complete all objectives at the current level.
Time Multiplier Speed up time (10 is the highest value).
Teleport Teleport through a level's waypoints.
Beam Here Teleport to the pointer location.
Give Some No effect.
Show Enemy Vision No effect.
Give All Crashes the game.

After the cheat menu has been enabled, press Shift+C to complete a level instantly. Use this trick at the start of the level to earn a Silent Assassin rating.

How to Get the Secret Ending

As the end credits roll, press Up and Down (or any other combination of direction keys) repeatedly to continue the story and see the true ending.

How to Unlock the Alternate Title Background

Beat the game and get the true ending to unlock an alternate background for the main menu.

How to Get Free Intel

Start a mission and purchase all of the available intel. After reading it, pause the game and restart the level to get your money back.

How to Get Unlimited Money

There's a glitch you can exploit to get easy cash:

  1. Complete any mission while earning as little money as possible.

  2. Save the game, then replay the same mission earning as much money as possible along the way.

  3. Create a save point just before the level's exit, then complete the level. The amount of money you collected will be added to your total balance.

  4. Return to the mission select screen, then replay the mission a third time.

    Ignore the warning about your progress being lost as you will not lose your save points and account balance.

  5. Load the save point you previously created as soon as the level starts, then finish the level. You'll have the same amount of money you collected during your second playthrough, and it will once again be added to your account balance.

  6. Repeat this trick to get unlimited cash.