His and Her Tattoo Designs

Couple with tattoos
Getty Images/ Nick Dolding

Rather than tattooing names to honor one another, many couples opt for his and her tattoo designs.

Matching or complimenting each other in style, the following design suggestions and considerations may inspire you to make a permanent mark of your love.

Why People Wear His and Her Tattoo Designs

It's not to hard to see the appeal of his and her tattoo design. Unlike names, wedding dates, or even a portrait tattoo of your beloved, matching or similar designs when worn by both partners unify and affirm your commitment through wearable art; without the "possible" regret should the relationship sadly come to an end.

His and her tattoo designs can also be worn to mark special events that you've celebrated together, such as the birth of a child, a relocation or any other major life change.

These complimentary tattoo styles may also serve as a reminder of faith, shared values and the constitution of marriage, with or without bearing a religious theme.

Where to Place a Couples Tattoo

While you can place a couples or his and her tattoo design nearly anywhere, some partners choose to make it entirely visible or hidden away just for each other. You'll want to consider not only your lover's tattoo design but whether you will also share the same placement as well.

Design Ideas

Now for the fun part, custom designing a his and hers tattoo.

  1. Angel wings: Angel wings are a unisex design that can be a heavenly choice for a shared tattoo style. Some couples take this idea one step further and tattoo "half" wings that become "whole" when placed together.
  1. Heart: Not only are hearts a classic tattoo choice, (think Old School) they can also be worn by both men and women to honor their love. Placement suggestions include the chest, arms, wrists, hands, and of course your sleeve.
  2. Infinity Tattoos: Infinity tattoo symbols are very popular as the represent eternity. The figure eight symbol (placed sideways) has no beginning and no end, much like true love. Let your love carry on forever with a unique infinity couples tattoo.
  1. Birds: A charming set of feathered friends makes a unique couples tattoo.Consider "mate for life" penguins, doves or even lovebirds as an ode to your other.
  2. Verse and Quotes Tattoos: "I am my Beloveds, and my Beloved is Mine". Tattooing phrases, scripture, or even a part of your own wedding vows make a symbolic his and hers tattoo design. If you are considering finger tattoos, why not a simple "I Do"?
  3. Anchors: Old school anchor tattoos make a meaningful design idea for couples as many people consider their significant other their "rock" and steadfast companion.

Find an Artist

Once you've made plans for your couples tattoo, seal the deal with a skilled and reputable artist to ensure your work stands the test of time. Be sure to look at artist portfolios, and be open to their design suggestions, as they may even be better than your own.

Most tattoo artists have quite creative imaginations, so even if you don't have the perfect his and hers tattoo idea locked down, don't let that stop you from making an appointment for a consultation. Once you meet a few artists, you can commission their help in designing a beautiful and romantic tattoo suited just for your very own love story.