Biography and Profile of Hinder

Hinder. Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.

Hinder play bad-boy rock in the vein of Buckcherry and Guns N' Roses. Their music videos (not to mention the cover of their debut album, Extreme Behavior) play up the titillating image of scantily clad women, their lyrics focus on sex and drugs, and in interviews the band members enjoy bragging about their sexual conquests on the road. Hinder got together at the dawn of the 21st century in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma—the quintet signed with Universal Motown soon after.

Rewarded for Their 'Extreme Behavior'

Hinder released Extreme Behavior in 2005. The album generated five singles, including several that crossed over onto the pop charts. "Lips of an Angel" was the biggest smash, a prototypical power ballad that wouldn't have felt out of place being performed by a hair-metal band of the 1980s. In several ways, Extreme Behavior recalled that era's pop accessibility and good-time raunch, and lead singer Austin Winkler's rock-star presence and pinup looks went a long way to cementing the album's success. Extreme Behavior snared triple-platinum sales, although critics were roundly unimpressed.

Take It to the Limit

Hinder returned with their follow-up album, Take It to the Limit, on November 4, 2008. The lead single, "Use Me," quickly climbed up the mainstream rock charts and announced that the group still loved bad girls and sleazy hard-rock attitude. The second single, "Without You," switched gears by being an emotional breakup ballad.

All American Nightmare

Two years later, Hinder returned with . Released on December 7, 2010, the album was preceded by the title track. The album was produced by Kevin Churko [Ozzy Osbourne, Disturbed] and has a heavier sound than the band's previous two albums.

Welcome to the Freakshow

Hinder's fourth album Welcome to the Freakshow released December 4, 2012 was the last album to feature lead singer Austin Winkler. Hinder released their first album single, "Save Me," on August 30. Winkler revealed that the album is reflecting of “a really, really dark drug binge.” After the July 10, 2013 announcement that Winkler had admitted himself into a rehab facility Hinder replaced him with various vocalists filling in for their summer 2013 tour. Eventually it was revealed that Hinder had replaced Winkler with lead singer Michael Dutton. Winker subsequently started a solo career using the name Austin John.

When the Smoke Clears

Hinder's fifth album and first with new lead singer Michael Dutton, When The Smoke Clears, was released May 12, 2015. The album was produced by Dutton and drummer Cody Hanson – who both also co-produced Welcome to the Freakshow before Dutton was in the band. Hinder released three singles from the album: "Hit the Ground," "Rather Hate Than Hurt," and "Intoxicated." Hinder toured throughout 2015 supporting the album.

Current Lineup

Joe "Blower" Garvey - guitar
Cody Hanson - drums
Mark King - guitar
Mike Rodden - bass
Marshal Dutton - vocals

Key Songs

"Lips of an Angel"
"Get Stoned"
"Use Me"


Extreme Behavior (2005)
Take It to the Limit (2008)
All American Nightmare (2010)
Welcome to the Freakshow(2012)
When the Smoke Clears (2015)


Austin Winkler, on how Hinder has responded to the success of Extreme Behavior.
"We drink a lot more." (TuneLab, February 25, 2007)

Mark King, on what the band members request on their tour rider.
"We dropped all the food off the rider so we can get more liquor. We have Captain Morgan, any kind of Vodka and mixers, four cases of beer, and if they are generous to us, we get a bottle of Jagermeister." (RockEyez, September 20, 2006)

Austin Winkler, on how the band came up with the name Hinder.
"Whenever we first started we had like 20 songs and we were starting to get gigs in our hometown, but we didn't have a name. So we started to get frustrated and we looked up 'frustrated' in a thesaurus and found 'hinder.' I mean, it's kinda unique but it's kinda boring." (TuneLab, February 25, 2007)

Austin Winkler, on whether or not any of the band members have ever been in love.
"I mean, yeah, sure, all of the guys have been at one point in our lives. Now we're just in love with a lot of different chicks in a lot of different cities." (TuneLab, February 25, 2007)


  • In December 2007, Austin Winkler was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.
  • Contrary to Internet rumors, Austin Winkler is not related to actor Henry Winkler.
  • As a promotion for their Girls Gone Wild tour, the band distributed Hinder condoms.

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