12 Hilarious TV News Bloopers

Anything can (and will) happen on live TV

Every day, professional news anchors and reporters hit the airwaves on live television to report the day's news. When mistakes happen, because let's face it, mistakes always happen, those on-air screw-ups are seen by a lot of people. Now that it's so easy to upload videos to YouTube, the trend of news bloopers achieving viral video status has really gotten to be huge. Before you know it, your embarrassing moment gets turned into an animated gif, and if you're really unlucky, you'll even become a meme. Horrors!

Take a look at some of our favorite funny news bloopers from the past few years.

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Pigs Running Rampant News Blooper

pig nose news blooper

Via YouTube/Purple Vines and Bloopers

This simple camera and graphics slip up results in one very funny image! Oops...

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LEGALLY HIGH: BBC News Reporter Inhales Burning Drugs and Can't Finish Report

BBC reporter high on air

Via YouTube/Cannabis Club Australia 

If you need a laugh and you only have time to watch one blooper, make it this one! BBC correspondent Quentin Sommerville was reporting about the drug problems in Afghanistan while standing in front of a pile of burning drugs... What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?!

You guessed it; suddenly the smoke got to him and he could not. Stop. Giggling.

A grown man, trying desperately to do his job... while giggling like a little school girl. CLASSIC!

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Captain Jack Sparrow Kisses News Reporter on Live TV

Captain Jack Sparrow News Blooper

Via YouTube/WorldStarVirals

Reporter Madison Brooks was reporting live from Hollywood Boulevard when a man dressed up in full Captain Jack Sparrow garb totally video bombed her! First, he leans in and smells her hair, then he tries to kiss her. The look on her face is PRICELESS!

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Anchors Can't Stop Laughing at Pig With Large Testicles

pig balls news blooper

Via YouTube/Funny Local News

A pig named Goliath lived up to his name during a segment on this local news channel. After the video inexplicably showed B-roll of the pig's rear end, complete with a pair of the biggest pig testicles you've ever seen, the anchors totally lost it!

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Reporter Gets Owned by Sled

Reporter hit by sled

Via Break

While reporting on a snowy hillside, this reporter doesn't see a sled come flying towards him... until it's too late. What follows is an amazing feat of accidental acrobatics. The best part? He somehow manages to finish his report! What a pro.

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Rookie Anchor AJ Clemente Fired After Worst First Day Ever (NSFW - Language)

AJ Clemente
D Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

AJ Clemente had what could be the worst first day at a new job, ever. In fact, his first day was also his last day.

While his co-anchor was reading the introduction, Clemente apparently didn't know that he was live on air, or that his mic was also live, so he can clearly be heard muttering expletives as the show opens. Awkward!

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Reporter Turns Ghetto in 3 Seconds (NSFW - Language)

Reporter Turns Ghetto

This reporter is giving a perfectly fine stand-up in a country pasture somewhere, when he suddenly gets startled and his "on-air" personality goes out the window! Too funny.

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News Anchor Loses His Script

News Anchor Loses His Script

This is a very short clip, but it is 21 seconds of pure awkward comedy. Here we see what happens when a news anchor starts a story and then discovers that he has no script to finish it. What would you do? Probably the same thing he does... fumble and try to move on, fast!

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Minnesota Interviewer Gets Tackled on Live TV

Minnesota Interviewer Gets Tackled

This nice Minnesotan lady was doing a football themed interview on live TV when things got a little out of hand. That had to hurt.

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Shepard Smith's Taboo Blooper

Shepard Smith blooper

Via Fox News

In 2002, Fox News's Shepard Smith was reporting on Jennifer Lopez when he made a very unfortunate (fun-fortunate?) verbal blunder. You know it's bad when a veteran anchor feels the need to immediately apologize.

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Bill O'Reilly freaking out!

Bill O'Reilly

This is another classic viral news moment. Watch as Bill O'Reilly completely loses his cool over a busted teleprompter. (As if we needed more reasons to think he was unstable!)

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Grape Lady Falls

Reporter falls into grapes

This is one of the most famous television news bloopers of all time. In 2006, a reporter for WAGA-TV in Atlanta, Georgia was on live TV reporting on wine-making. She and a guest were on a wooden platform, using their bare feet to squash buckets full of grapes when the reporter lost her balance and fell off the platform. The humor comes with the visceral reaction that occurs; the reporter, who broke several ribs in the fall, does not hold back and starts saying, "Ouch ouch ouch! Stop!" while the camera continues to roll.

The truly cringe-inducing part is when they cut away and go back to the anchors in the studio, who are clearly mortified. FYI: The reporter went on to make a complete recovery from her bodily injuries. No word on whether she's recovered her injured pride yet.