20 Times When Karma Was Both Swift and Hilarious

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Instant Karma Is Real (And It's Spectacular)

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This girl thought she was sooooo sneaky. Instant karma = instant pay-back!

Karma is the Hindu and Buddhist belief that your past actions come back to influence your future in unexpected ways. It's the universe's way of getting even, of paying you back for your behavior (both good and bad) here on earth. Basically, when it comes to karma, what goes around, comes around.

Most of the time when people discuss the notion of karma they think of this retribution as being far off on the time horizon. For example, when a jilted lover thinks,"Some day my jackhole ex will get karmic payback for being such a jerk to me!" they're counting on karma to even the score. Yet often, making stupid decisions has instantaneous consequences, like when an angry driver in the grip of road rage immediately gets pulled over by the police. These cases of "instant karma" can be downright hilarious, and oh-so-satisfying!

Check out twenty times when we didn't have to wait around for karma to come back on the jerks of the world! Karma can be both swift and funny as heck.

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Slow Your Roll, Ya' Braggart

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Living in the northeast, you see this sort of thing all the time on the highways. Whenever the roads are slick with ice or snow, there's always some genius who goes flying past you in the fast lane because he's got more horsepower than brains! Here's a helpful tip: Trucks with 4-wheel drive can help get you out of the ditch, but they don't do much to stop you from going into the ditch. You're welcome.

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Guess He Didn't See That Coming

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Another bad driver getting what he deserves! Don't you hate it when you're stuck in traffic and somebody decides to skip the line by driving in the breakdown lane? THIS is why you shouldn't do that.

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She was just trying to be nice, and that's how you reacted? Teen driver, meet karma! 

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I Poke My Own Eyeball Out

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Instant karma means never having to wait for payback, no matter how insignificant that payback may be. 

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What A Donkey

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More bunny ears gone wrong, this time with 100% more donkey ears! This kid really made an ass of himself.

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Serves Him Right

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He was just sitting there, minding his own business!  That's what you get for trying to dunk the poor pupper! 

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Oh, I'm Sorry

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Did I block you in? My bad. 

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Badass Bike Thief

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We love how super proud this lady is of herself! That had to feel GOOD.

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Mm, That's Good Sugar Water

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She thought she was so sneaky, but she wasn't too sneaky for karmic payback! 

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Worst Job Interview Ever

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Hmm, wonder if he got the job?

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Karma Bounces Right Back

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BOOM, you just got karma'ed! (What do you mean that's not a word? If it's not, it should be.)

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We Have Fun Around Here

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These are the kind of medical professionals you want operating on you. He's clearly very skilled and good with his hands.

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You Left A Little Something Behind

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The police didn't have a tough time cracking this case! Yup; a hit and run driver left his entire bumper, including his license plate, at the scene of the crime. Oops.

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Sick Burn

Via Dead State.

There are stupid thieves, and there are complete IDIOT thieves. Guess which one this is. Thanks, Facebook!

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Maybe You're A Little Special

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This guy just got caught lying on Facebook, which is always good for a laugh

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Aw, that's a shame.

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Now That's A Horse's Ass

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And no, we're not talking about the actual equine here. This horse heckler got what he deserved; a swift kick in the head.

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This Frog Can't Get No Satisfaction

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He just wants some delicious flies! Help a froggie out.

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Parking Like A Boss

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No roof, no problems! Good luck climbing out of your tiny little matchbox car, you parking spot stealing clown!

There you have it: Twenty times when karma was both swift and excellent in every way. Don't you feel better now? Also, consider this a reminder to behave yourself unless you want to be on the receiving end of one of these sick karmic burns!