25 Items That Got Hilariously Lost In Translation

We Don't Think That Word Means What You Think It means....

Via Reddit u/darbinatorwow.

If you've ever traveled outside of the United States, chances are you've seen a sign or article of clothing that got a little bit messed up in the translation process. 

On the internet, these sorts of translation fails fall into a category that goes by the rather un-politically-correct heading of "Engrish." The "Engrish.com" blog has been cataloging these funny language fails since 1996. Yes, you read that right: 1996! Can you think of any other blog that has been around for that long? There's clearly a lot of bad translation fodder to be found around the world.

More recently, you can find the funniest "Engrish" fails on Reddit, of course. The site's Engrish subreddit has over 56,000 subscribers so it's clearly still relevant all these years later, and it remains one of the best places to view the funny translation fails eagle-eyed redditors spot while traveling. 

Below you'll find 25 of the funniest "Engrish" items that got hilariously mangled in translation. These images are part "You Had One Job," part sign fail, and 100% funny! Check them out.

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You Read The Sign: No Wang-Wang!

Via americantourister.com.

Where might one find a "no wang" zone these days? A sorority? Perhaps a nunnery? I give up.

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Explosive Dog

Via reddit u/-victorisawesome-.

This is nothing to joke around about. My dog exploded once after he ate a whole rotisserie chicken. Took forever to clean up.

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Do Not Stair

Via Reddit.

Yes, please stop that. Don't you know "stairing" is rude? 

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Well, at Least It's Not Permanent...

Via Imgur u/-ChillinChillin-.

Oh wait. Oops.

"He tried to translate his last name to Russian using google translate. Instead of "Botrokoff" it says 'no translation.'"

This might not be the worst tattoo misspelling we've ever seen, but it's certainly funny!

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Explodes the Large Intestines

Via americantourister.com.

But what if I don't want my large intestines to be exploded? What then?!

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What Kind of Hospital Is This?

Via Pinterest/newsidiots.com.

WHAT examination??! Where did these doctors get their medical licenses? The Playboy mansion?

"Yes, I'm here to have my c**t examined."

"Right this way, madam."

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Sausage in the Father-in-Law

Via Pinterest/vk.com.

Whatever this is, we don't want any part of it!

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Don't Forget to Carry Your Thing

Via Huffpost UK.

It's best if you can never leave home without your thing! You never know when you might need that thing.

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Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted

Via reddit u/darbinatorwow.

The rent-a-cops in this mall are NOT kidding around.

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Deformed Man Passage

Via reddit u/DjRapitops.

Well, that's just plain rude. 

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90% of All People Are Caused by Accidents

Via reddit u/meonaredcouch.

Sponsored by the local condom-making factory.

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Very Suspicious Supermarket

Via reddit u/QuincyDental.

This market is watching you, and it does not like what it sees! If this shop had eyes it would be narrowing them at you and muttering something under its breath.

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People Are Eating Children in This Area

Via reddit u/futur3m3.

Yes, please don't let your dogs bother the people who just want to eat some children in peace! 

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Suck My Balls

Via Imgur.

Jeez, Bubble Tea... how about you buy me dinner first!

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You Will Gain Admiration From Your Pears

Via reddit u/llahlahkje.

Good, because the opinion of my pears is very important to me. I demand respect from my fruit.

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Wipe Clean With a Damn Sponge

Via reddit u/pablomcpablopants.

After wiping clean with a damn sponge, don't forget to clean up the damn packaging wrappers and throw it in the damn trash.

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Execution in Progress

Via reddit u/QuincyDental.

Yeah, on second thought, I'll just take the stairs.

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Sorry for the Incontinence!

Via reddit u/Anonasty.

Take it from me, nothing shuts down a pool faster than incontinence. 

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Violators Will Be Fine

Via reddit u/mickjmorg.

Okay, phew. I was worried there for a second.

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Tasteless Porridge

Via reddit u/iadoretea.

Just like mom used to make. 

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The Wild Monkeys Are Haunted

Via reddit u/Wolfstorm01.

Haunted wild monkeys? Oh, you don't have to tell me to keep away. I'm out of here!

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I s**t Love You

Via reddit u/_raytheist_.

Well, that's very sweet. I'm very sh*t fond of you, too. 

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Please Use Tongue

Via reddit u/kirkum2020.

Well, if you say so....

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Human Beef

Via reddit u/Raynaxx.

I knew it! Soylent Green is people! It's peeeeeople....

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Rape Me Ok, Rob Money Are Not

Via reddit u/QuincyDental.

You've just got to set boundaries in life. Know your limits, I always say.

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