18 Hilarious and Bizarre Signs Spotted At The Zoo

We do always love a good funny sign, and these eighteen signs spotted at various zoos across the world definitely fit into that helpful (and not so helpful) category.

Some of these signs are a bit obvious (don't stick your fingers into a deadly animal's cage, for instance), but others are straight up random and hilarious. Click through the images to see them all, and next time you go visit a zoo, don't say I didn't warn you.

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This Hippo Isn't Hoppin'

Via Fotozup.

Did you know that hippos could projectile poop at you through the fence? I did not, and I will be a lot more careful when observing these big guys in the future.

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Don't Be Like Norman

funny zoo sign
Via Funny Or Die.

"Meet Norman with 9 fingers. Don't feed the monkeys."

This is NOT what Norman's friends meant when they told him to "give the monkey the finger."

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Please, Don't!

Via Dumpaday.

Well darn, there go my weekend plans! 

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Beware of Crane

Aggressive Crane sign
Via Petslady.com.

"U WOT M8?!"

This crane has gone beyond mere annoyance; he's straight up aggressive! 

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Don't Judge a Penguin by Its Scent

Via Scribol.

Well that explains it! As an aside, have you ever visited a flamingo exhibit? Good lawd up in heaven, those pink buggers STINK to high heaven! You can smell them from the parking lot! I wonder if it's because they eat fish, or if it's just bad hygiene (I'm kidding).  Either way, gross. 

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Why Would Anyone Punch a Llama?

Via Dumpaday.

Having known one or two llamas in my life, I can confirm that they are a**holes and you will most likely need to be reminded not to punch them right in the kisser. 

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Like a Roller Coaster, Except You End Up in a Crocodile's Mouth

Via Scribol.

Something about the way this wheelchair guy has his hand up like that makes me think he's enjoying this wild ride to a toothy doom waiting below. "Wheeeeeee!"

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Fingers? No. Everything Else Should Be OK

Via Insprirational Quotes.

"Darn it! But fingers are so delicious." - The animals.

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Note Taken

Via Inspirational Quotes.

Seems reasonable. 

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Yeah, Poor Animals

Via Sabateur365.

We wouldn't want the animals getting sick, now would we? 

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I Appreciate the Honesty

Via Petslady.

This is so true, isn't it? The animals are always either sleeping, stinky, or sleeping while being stinky. They're still cute, though!

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Wouldn't a No Smoking Sign Suffice?

Via Funnypics.

We wouldn't want fish with a nasty, unhealthy habit. That would be bad. 

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Should You Look Up or Down?

Via Fanpop.

Whatever you do, don't look up at the sky with your mouth open. Trust me. 

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Who Doesn't Love Kids!

Via Blogspot.

Mmm, the kids today are particularly delicious! 

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I'm Kind of Curious Now

Via Fanpop.

That's all the warning I need! No trespassing for this gal. 

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Lion Riding Closed Today

Via Petslady.

Oh darn, and here I was hoping to go for a nice leisurely lion ride today.

(Yes, yes; I'm sure this sign was on a statue of a lion or something like that, but it's still funny, so there.) 

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Nice Way of Telling People to Keep Moving

bird poop zoo sign
Via Flickr/Adam Arroyo.

I'm not sure; maybe I should open my mouth and stare upwards towards the sky for a while.

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Gorillas Discrimination at the Zoo

Via Dumpaday.

Aw, poor gorillas just want to be included in your plans and it's not very nice to exclude them. 

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