The Path to Pro Skateboarding

Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Kid Become a Pro Skateboarder

Mum and daughter Skate board
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Setting up your kid to succeed in skateboarding is a great idea. There are many parents who would prefer their kids not skateboard, and sometimes this is more due to a lack of support rather than fear about an injury. After all, skateboarding is largely viewed as a simple kid pastime. However, if your child truly has talent, there is actually a lot of potential for future success. So where do you go from here? Here are some steps to consider.

Simply Get Your Kid Skateboarding

If you recognize your child's talent, you are probably already doing this, but just in case, it still needs to be said. If you want your son or daughter to do well in skateboarding, they need to get out there and keep skating.

Now, here's the kicker -- you can't push them. Well-meaning parents can easily push their kids too hard, and kill the love for skateboarding that their child once had. However, some kids do respond well to some gentle pushing -- they are your child, and you know what works best as a motivator.

Your Kid Should Be Skating All Year

When winter comes, this can get tough -- but with some quick research, you can find an indoor skatepark or similar facility that you can take your child to. Continuity with skating is very important. By stopping during the colder or poor-weather months, your kid will lose a lot of what he or she gained over the summer.

Get Your Kid Into Skateboard Camp

There are many options for quality skateboard camps around the U.S. and even scattered across Europe. There might be plenty of skate camps in your area -- ask at your local skateboard shop. You'll likely need to ask at a local mom and pop skate shop that supports skateboarding rather than a chain shop, like Zumiez.

Work Towards a Sponsorship

You can help your son or daughter work towards getting sponsored. Skateboard shops and companies like to sponsor skaters, and this often involves giving the kid some gear.

Sometimes, sponsorships require that the skater do all kinds of things for the sponsoring company, and they can get demanding. For anyone interested in getting sponsored, it's good to keep in mind that you shouldn't get too wrapped up in it. It can be a distraction from skateboarding, as well as a burden. However, if your son or daughter is serious about becoming a pro, this is part of the game.

You can learn some general guidelines on how to get sponsored but it's best to start with local skate shops and work your way up from there.

Get Your Kid Into Skateboard Competitions

Start small, and work your way up. There are many small skateboard competitions that take place nationwide as well as in other countries -- again, this is a great question for your local skate shop.

If you know where to start, you can learn how to find non-sponsored skateboarding competitions. In this case, “non-sponsored”, means amateurs, rather than pro skaters. If your kid already has some sponsors, however, that’s fine -- these contests should still work for them.

One of your best bets right now is the Free Flow Tour. They have stops all over the United States all summer long, and the winner gets to compete in the AST Dew Tour, which is an amazing opportunity in the skateboarding world.

These are just a few steps to help you in assisting your son or daughter on their path to becoming a pro skater. Their success all hinges on whether or not your child actually wants to do it, and how much natural skill he or she has. Either way, encouraging your child to follow their dream, and supporting them as best you can, is the greatest gift you can give them as a parent.