Hello Cheers for Cheerleaders

Get the Crowd Pumped with These Rousing Chants

High school cheerleaders. Hero Images / Getty Images

Two, four, six, eight—here are some hello cheers you'll appreciate! Even long before the game starts, cheerleaders start cheering. They introduce themselves to the cheerleaders from the other team while engaging the people in the stands. Here is a popular collection of "hello" cheers, chants, and yells—guaranteed to get the crowd pumped for the game. Just insert your name, co-cheerleaders' names, team's name, and team colors, where applicable.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Watch out (H-E-double-L-O.
We say hello.
The Chiefs are here,
something to fear.
The Chiefs they rock,
right to the top.
We Brandy is her name,
Basket ball is her game.
She's got winning on her mind.
and whoo, she's looking fine.
Saying H- (H-E-double-L-O.
We are the Raiders
and we wish to say "hello."
We dance to the beat,
never heard of defeat!
We'll rise to the top,
we can never be stopped!
So stand up (H-E-L-L-O
(We are the Patriots! (Hi, hello, and how do you do?
We're the mighty Longhorns,
and we welcome you.
with an H- (The Bombers say hello!
Our green and blue(Coach):Hello friends,
we welcome you,
to the start of this day.
We'll bring you something new.
We are the Tigers and
we will conquer you.
So go and run away,
we will run after you.
One, we are the best!
Two, we are the greatest!
Three, we're gonna give you more, more, more, more!
Hi, hello, and how do you do?
We are the Falcons,
and we welcome you!
Well our name is the Falcons,
and we're here to say hello
to you in a special way.
Hi, hello, and how do you do?
We just stepped up to welcome you with an
Wildcats say, hello!
We wish you the best and put you to the test!
Razzle dazzle (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, my name's Ashley and I say hi!
6, 7 ,8, 9, 10, roll on back and meet my friend!
(Captain calls)We are the Blazers, and we're here to say hello.
We're filled with spirit, and we know that you can hear it.
So sit back and watch, and we'll cheer for you,
'Cause we are the Blazers, and we're here to welcome you!
The Chargers are here to welcome you,
and our Charger pride will shine right through.
We're here to play,
we play to win,
so come on Demons, let's begin!
Step up, step back, introduce yourself!
My name is Janet!
H H-e-l-l-o
That's the way we say hello.
Now that you got that beat,
listen to our hands and feet.
Sound off:
1, 2, 3, 4
Now break it down: