7 Profitable Health and Wellness Home Business Ideas

Some possibilities require minimal startup expense

There has never been a better time to get healthy. According to a report issued by the Global Wellness Institute in October 2018, the health and wellness industry is worth $4.2 trillion. This growing industry lends itself to several types of businesses.

Personal Trainer

Personal Training Home Business
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Personal training isn't just for those who want to get buff. Many personal trainers work with teens to improve their competitiveness in sports, and others work with seniors who want to protect their bones and prevent injury.

Certified Personal Trainers can earn an average salary of $33,539, according to Glassdoor. Once certified by a reputable fitness organization, you can develop your skills while working for a brand or in a freelancing environment.

If you'd like to host clients in your home, it's a good idea to check zoning rules in your area. There's always a risk of personal injury involved in exercise and having proper documentation and insurance coverage will protect your business. 

Health Coach

Health Coaching
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Health coaching goes beyond the gym. Coaches can provide guidance and support to people striving to gain better health of body and mind. Exercise and weight control might be part of what a health coach does, but you can also coach on proper nutrition, stress, and overcoming barriers to overall health and wellness.

Health Coaches can earn an average salary of $45,676, according to PayScale. There's no requirement for education or certification, but you can increase your marketability by having both. A certification in personal fitness or nutrition will give clients confidence that you have the training required to help them. 

Massage Therapist

Woman receiving massage on spa massage table
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Massage therapy continues to be a profitable field, helping people to manage stress, tension, and pain. Massage therapists can earn an average salary of $41,420, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

To keep clients and practitioners safe, most states regulate the massage industry with course and license requirements. You’ll need to purchase equipment such as a massage table and decide if you’ll see clients in your home or at their homes or workplaces. As with personal training, make sure to check zoning rules if you decide to operate in your home. 

Health and Wellness Products

Health and Wellness Products
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Many of the jobs in the health and wellness industry come from product sales. This includes foods, such as gluten-free and vegan offerings, as well as vitamins, supplements, and exercise equipment.

There are many network marketing and franchise companies offering health and wellness products that you can sell from home. Researching them first is important to ensure products meet all government regulations. If you choose to sell food or items you create yourself, you will have to meet specific health code requirements.

Spa and beauty products are a big part of the health and wellness market. According to the Global Wellness Institute 2018 report, the spa industry is worth $119 billion. Selling products like soap, lotion, and other items designed to enhance and energize can be a profitable home business.

Health and Wellness Books

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If you're knowledgeable in some area of health and wellness, you might consider writing a book or offering a paid course to those in need. 

Many people prefer to research and learn at their own pace before investing in health products or services. This can make offering information through a book, home study course, or another type of information product a great way to get started in the health and wellness industry.

Personal Chef

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Many people have good intentions about eating right, but they struggle to implement a healthy eating plan. Some may hire personal chefs to create healthy, delicious meals for them. 

Being a personal chef can be an enjoyable home business option if you have a knack for creating healthy food and you can find clients in your area that have the income necessary for such a luxury. 

You can cook in your client’s kitchen, or prepare food at your own home and deliver meals to your clients. You should consider specializing in certain dishes to cater for groups and events while remaining flexible and prepared for the desires of each individual client.

Yoga Instructor

Teacher and students in exercise class.
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There's an art to safely performing and instructing yoga, so lots of personal practice is key. You'll need a large, open space to practice in with your clients, free of distractions. Yoga Instructors can earn an average of $30 per hour, according to Indeed.  

You might consider renting out a space in your local downtown area for classes, or contracting with a gym or community center to use their facilities. You can also offer to meet clients in their home or in a public space.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Pin down your area of health or wellness expertise, then sell it to those who need or want it. As the saying goes, if you choose a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life.