HBO 'Silicon Valley' Filming Locations

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If you're a fan of HBO's Silicon Valley, you might like to take a tour of some real-life filming locations and Bay Area film footage.

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The Hooli Campus

Hooli offices: Silicon Valley Filming Locations

While the show is set in Northern California's Silicon Valley, many of the scenes were actually filmed in Southern California. This includes the exterior shots of Hooli's fictitious campus, which were filmed at two different California State University campuses in Southern California, Los Angeles, and Dominguez Hills in Carson. Some interior shots of the campus were filmed inside the offices of Chiat Day, an LA-based advertising agency.

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The Hacker House

The Hacker House: Silicon Valley filming locations
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The external shots of Erlich's incubator, the hacker house where the Pied Piper team lives and works, were filmed in a leafy suburb of Los Angeles at​ 5230 Penfield Ave. in Woodland Hills. There are a few scenes in the show where they say that the home's address as "5230 Newell Road, Palo Alto." Newell Road is a real street in Palo Alto, but that particular address doesn't exist. 

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The TED Talk Hotel

TED Talk Hotel: Silicon Valley Filming Locations

This is where Richard first meets and pitches Peter Gregory, after his TED Talk and before he drives away in his very narrow car in season 1, episode 1.  It's actually the Hyatt Concourse at Los Angeles International Airport.

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Bar Scenes

Reposado Tequila Bar : Silicon Valley Filming Locations

The exterior shots of the bar where Richard meets his friend from Goolybib were taken at a tequila bar and Mexican restaurant in Downtown Palo Alto, Reposado, at 236 Hamilton Ave. It appeared in season 2, episode 1. ​The scene itself was filmed inside City Tavern at 9739 Culver Blvd in Culver City.

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More Bar Scenes

Rose and Crown, Palo Alto: Silicon Valley Filming Locations

The "Ox & Bull," as the sign reads in the show, is actually the "Rose & Crown," a popular English pub in downtown Palo Alto. This bar appeared in season 2, episode 2. The Rose & Crown is at 547 Emerson Ave.

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Party at the Ballpark

AT&T Park: Silicon Valley Filming Locations

The private party that venture capital firm Stern Taylor threw to woo the Pied Piper team in season 2, episode 1 was filmed at AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants.

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'Doors of a Billionaire'

Rosewood Sand Hill: Silicon Valley Filming Locations

The season 2, episode 7 scene where Russ Hanneman argues with Richard in a hotel parking lot seeking sympathy because he can no longer afford his McLaren 650S Spider and has to settle for driving a Maserati was filmed in front of a real-life Silicon Valley hotel popular with venture capitalists and investors, the Rosewood Sand Hill, 2825 Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. This is where he delivers the meme-worthy line, "These are not the doors of a billionaire!"

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Other Scenes

Atherton Urgent Care: Silicon Valley Filming Locations

Locations of various other scenes include:

  • Richard and Big Head's morning bus ride to Hooli: Shot while driving along Charleston Road, Mountain View in season 1, episode 1
  • Where Jared gets loaded onto a ship while held captive by the self-driving car: Port of Los Angeles, Wilmington, California, in season 1, episode 6
  • Tech Crunch Disrupt Conference: Exterior and interior shots were filmed at the Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 Eighth St., San Francisco, in season 1, episode 7
  • Various cityscapes: Aerial views of downtown San Francisco and the 101 freeway and a view looking down on San Francisco from the Marin Headlands, in season 1, episode 7
  • Richard's doctor's office ("Atherton Urgent Care"): ​2215 West Mission Road, Alhambra