Beef Timeline: Havoc vs. Prodigy

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Fans of the revered Queens duo woke up on Monday (April 9) to find a barrage of insults on Twitter. It started with tweets from Havoc's page directed at his partner-in-rhyme, Prodigy. Is this a legitimate feud or a publicity stunt? Let's examine the facts.

Shots Fired

First came, "Congrats to P @prodigymobbdeep and @rihanna for getting married soon!! @rihanna please confirm!"

OK, an innocuous drunk-tweet perhaps. No big deal. Then the tweets took an ugly turn.

"I got n—as in the jail system to to back up that prodigy was f— homes in jail."

"Prodigy a b-tch and I'm gonna show it, follow!! ground breaking new. I got ni**as in the jail system to to back up that prodigy was fucking homes in jail. Prodigy prove me wrong! please."

"I have a big announcement... and ni--as that was locked wit him know the truth. now i will silence.... and let the jails take care of the rest. thats on everything, i had to smack P ask him. prodigy u pussy! u long island ass b-tch. I'm about to expose u! next time i see u, u getting layer out, on camera!! i can't wait!"

"In a minute.... ni--as that was in the jail wit him gonna blow him up first hand.!!!! prodigy a hider not a rider."

Havoc Issues a Statement

"Just getting back into NY after my Easter weekend with family and friends in Jersey," read Hav's tatement.

"I left my phone at a gas station yesterday evening while on my way to Jersey after a glorious Knicks game. To all Mobb Deep fans: it's business as usual! It's Mobb Deep all day!!! My twitter account @THEREALHAVOC will be down until further notice. The only other real account is @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP. Ignore the rest. One!"

Audio Evidence

Things took a weird turn when Power 105.1 FM's The Breakfast Club aired an audio recording of Havoc telling a friend that Prodigy is gay. [Listen]

"I don't have nothing against gay people or nothing like that, but I'm just saying — look, watch, when n----s in the jail come out from the woodwork, and they gonna tell you what the f--k this n---a was doing. He gay! I had to smack him like a month and half ago when we was doing South by Southwest."

Breakfast Club hosts Angela Yee, Charlemagne Tha God and DJ Envy weren't sure if that was truly Hav on the phone. So they called up the one rapper who knows Mobb Deep well - Queens rapper and long-time Mobb collaborator N.O.R.E. N.O.R.E. confirmed that the voice did indeed belong to Havoc, adding: "I think the cat's gonna be let out the bag very soon."

Then Hav called into The Breakfast Club as well, again saying that his phone had been stolen and denied that he sent any anti-Prodigy tweets. He did call it "great Promotion" while announcing that H.N.I.C. 3 is coming soon.

Prodigy Responds
Prodigy kept mum as gossip sites stumbled over themselves trying to untangle the web of mess Hav's tweets had created. But on Tuesday, he finally broke his silence on Twitter.

Check it:



" you an early gift" accompanied by this image.

"SMH ..just saw alot of true colors come out of u people. never speak too soon. we predators. we set traps. #GOTCHA"

Verdict: That was Havoc on Twitter. And that was Havoc on the phone. But I don't think these two are beefing. The whole thing sounds suspect. Most likely a publicity stunt.

I'm calling: B.S.