Having First-Time Sex on Your Wedding Night

What Virgins Need to Know About Wedding Night Sex

Sexcan be stressful if you don't have much experience. So, what about couples who wait for the wedding night to have sex? Some people don't believe you should have sex before you are married. Others just want to make sure they are in a confirmed, committed relationship before sharing such intimacy.

Trust and Confidence

Far too often in popular culture or even among friends, we make light of love making.

But it's a really big deal to offer your body to someone. It requires trust and confidence, which is what should exist between husband and wife.

If you're a virgin on your wedding night, your new spouse must show sensitivity and understanding. You may feel a bit scared and maybe even shameful. If you are female virgin you might also feel discomfort or even pain the first time. Try to keep from getting frustrated. Ask your spouse questions and be willing to talk about anything.

The First Time

And when you're having sexfor the first time on your wedding night, you might also need patience. While sex is a natural part of life, it's a bit more complicated than you might think.

Besides the fact that you might experience pain the first time you have sex, you also will experience a wave of emotions that are new to you. That can be a lot when you're newly married. Make sure you catch a good spouse, who will treat you right, respect your wishes, and help you learn to enjoy sex.

If you love each other, the rest will fall into place -- even if you have to have some awkward love making sessions for practice first.

Talk Before the Wedding Night

Ask your soon-to-be-spouse if he or she is feeling nervous about the wedding night. Odds are, they're feeling a little apprehension too, and will be relieved to have the opportunity to talk about it.

Talk about what your hopes and fears are. If you're nervous because your partner is more experienced than you, tell them. If you know you want to prevent pregnancy, talking about safer sex is essential. You may even want to visit a counselor or talk about the topic during your pre-wedding counseling.

You should never feel nervous or embarrassed about bringing up the subject of sex. Your soon-to-be-spouse is about to become your partner for life, and you have nothing to worry about.

Sex is nothing to fear. As long as you are both comfortable with each other and in love, it should be a wonderful experience.

Did you wait for the wedding night to have sex with your husband or wife? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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