Have the Perfect First Date

What To Do On a First Date

Every first date is a crucial step along the path to a relationship. Still, they can be awkward, frustrating, confusing and heartbreaking, depending on how each person goes about the date. Learn how to have a perfect first date that includes few mishaps and a lot of laughs, fun and memories to last forever.

First Date Tips for Success

First Date Tips
First Date Tips. Ramzi Hashisho

What is a successful first date? It varies depending on the situation and the people involved, but my favorites are those that felt like two minutes had passed when it was more like two hours. Success could also be measured in whether or not a second date occurs, although some people might feel instead that if a spark was felt, that's all that matters.

What To Do On a First Date

What To Do On a First Date
What To Do On a First Date. Kait Curran Palmer

Then of course there's what to do on a first date. Something casual? Inexpensive? Fun? Unique? Trying to tick all the boxes can be hard, but not impossible. Just try to remember that you want something where you can get your heart rate up a bit as well as find time to connect, while still doing something you'll both remember no matter how things pan out.

On a First Date, Who Pays?

Who Pays on a First Date
Who Pays on a First Date. Ronaldo Taveira

One of the most heated conversations that has occurred throughout the years on this site has been the question of who pays on a date. Readers have responded in droves, but still there isn't really consensus on the topic yet. My take is still that whomever asked for the date should pay, but I've been swayed a few times now on this stance.

Too Much Info On a First Date

Too Much Information on a First Date
Too Much Information on a First Date. Nara Vieira da Silva Osga

The only thing worse than someone who shares too much information on a first date? Someone who doesn't practice good hygiene. Now that may be personal preference, but after having written about dating and relationships for over a decade, one of the most common first date complaints is that the person didn't know when to stop talking about their ex, their kids or when they wanted to get married.

First Date Gift Ideas

First Date Gift Ideas
First Date Gift Ideas. Gardeners.com

Who brings a gift to a first date? I do. And several of my dates have, too. Why? It makes the event even more memorable, plus you're showing that you've really invested some time into what the person you're meeting might enjoy. But let's not go overboard either - I'm not talking getting every first date a $20 gift. Think more thought-provoking and fun, or at least a conversation starter.

First Date Sex

First Date Sex
First Date Sex. Brenda Lamothe Coulomme

Yes, it happens. And according to both several polls and our readers, it happens a fair amount. Just be forewarned and prepared if you do plan on having first date sex, as one of the polls mentioned stated that more than 30% of women who chose to have sex on the first date didn't use a condom.