Haunted by a Dark-Cloaked Entity

Man In The Shadow
dcdr/Getty Images

EXPERIENCES WITH DARK, hooded entities seems to be relatively common in the reports of ghost-like beings. Usually (but not always) they appear in the dead of night in the shadowed corners of a room. They can be intimidating, foreboding, and downright terrifying. Are they products of the deep recesses of our imaginations where fear and uncertainty lie? Archetypes of what we dread about the unknown? Or are they real entities from some twilight dimension with some nefarious agenda we cannot comprehend?

To those who encounter them, like the author of the story that follows, there may be no difference. Whatever these things are, they haunted his consciousness for years. This is his story...

This black cloaked hooded entity has visited me at least four times in my life. I believe it all began after I bought a kid's puzzle game that showed a black-cloaked, hooded entity (skeleton in a black cloak) with an "A" symbol on its skull's forehead and the title is "Alchemist".

In September 1997, when I was a kid, I was watching an episode of Zorro on TV with my mother when Zorro became a black-cloaked hero to scare his enemies. He made this sound... " Ooooohooohoooowooooo..." That night at 4:00 a.m., I was awake on my bed when the bedroom door opened and I heard this exact same sound, but I knew the TV was turned off and everyone was sleeping.

I knew this sounded crazy, but it was real. I stood up on my bed to see outside the door, and I knew that it was a real ghost this time, but it was too dark that I did not see anything. But I know that something was there. I tried to ignore it and lay back down on my bed and closed my eyes to sleep. Suddenly, I became paralyzed and could not move while I could hear a strange sound that sounded like a high-pitched airplane engine and I could see a pathway image in my head as if I was moving at a very high speed.

It was terrifying, or perhaps this entity had the power to control my emotions. I was frightened to the point that I was able to get control of my hands, so I rubbed my eyes very fast to get the image away. But then I became paralyzed again. However, the image and sound were gone and a new image appeared that showed a tree and a grassland with two people who were talking about something. I was not frightened anymore, so I smiled to show the ghost that I was not afraid, so the image disappeared and I was able to open my eyes and move again.

It seemed that the ghost had a power over me when I was afraid, but when I was not afraid of it, then the ghost could not do much.

The Second Appearance of the Dark- Cloaked Figure

The next incident happened in 1998 when I was playing a video game. At the corner of the reflective frame of the screen of TV, I could see something moving behind me. It looked like the black-cloaked hooded figure with a bit of white skull inside the hood. I looked back but did not see anything. I was then overcome with a rancid smell as if something was dead and rotting for days in my bedroom. I investigated to see if there was a dead rat in my bedroom, but I already knew that was impossible since I lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building and I had never seen a rat in my apartment.

The Third Appearance

The third incident happened late at night. I could not sleep because I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen to find something to eat. While I was slicing some sausage, I caught something out of the corner of my eye outside the door of the kitchen. It looked as if there was a transparent black-cloaked hooded figure with no legs, no arms, and no face moving above the floor at a fast speed while its hood was staring down as if it was looking down while walking. I wasn't very scared, but I knew something was there as it moved from left to right outside the kitchen doorway.

The Fourth Appearance

This last incident occurred in August 2013 – more than 15 years after the first incident. I am not a kid anymore and it's been a long time since this black-cloaked hooded entity visited me. But I think it still remembers me and this is why it came back to see me. I could hear the ghost making the same sound... "Oooooooohooohoowooo," just like the first incident back in 1997 when I was a kid. This time, however, I could also feel what I believed to be two hands shaking on my blanket very fast. And I could hear the sound of chain rattling as if both of the entity's arms were wrapped in chain.

It’s as if this entity was once a prisoner or something and had been executed, which would explain the chain. I could also smell that same rancid smell of a dead body, like the second incident in 1998. Again, I was able to open my eyes and I wasn't very scared, but I saw something that looked like the transparent black-cloaked hooded entity floating in midair with no legs, no arms, and no face. To my surprise, it was much smaller than what I expected. I was expecting to see it standing next to my bed and looking larger than normal human size, but it looked smaller and moved freely in midair. I think this was the first time I was able to see this entity much clearer than before.

Lesson Learned From the Dark-Cloaked Figure

It seemed to me that this black-cloaked hooded ghost or entity was not as threatening or evil as I expected it to be. I don’t know if it is evil or not, but it was not threatening, yet at the same time could be frightening, too.

The lesson I learned is that if you can control yourself and prove or show the entity that you are not afraid of it, then this entity cannot do anything to you. At the same time, however, ​never ever challenge it or offend it because perhaps it could also be dangerous if it gets angry. We cannot underestimate this entity. I would never recommend anyone to offend this entity because we might never know its full capability of what it can do to us.

From what I have learned, Satanists and many Devil worshipers would normally wear this black cloak with a hood during the satanic ritual, while some Christian priests would wear a brown cloak with a hood. I suspect that it could be the ghost of a Satanist who was prosecuted and executed by the Church for following Satanism during the medieval times. Also, a friend once told me that near where I live there is a small hill where Satanists used to perform the satanic ritual.